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  • Ich lebe in YouTube or anywhere on the internet
  • Ich bin geboren am 28. Dezember
  • Ich arbeite als Being a full-time online celeb
  • Ich bin always there for you
  • Biografie I'm a long-term social media user who has been involved in a lot of fan communities for more than a decade.
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|[[File:Qg8rXQCE 400x400.jpg|100px]]
|Hello, I'm Moviejunkie2009 the current team leader of MoviezWorldwide and the right hand man of it's president. That's why my account is currently used as the main account of that group. For organizational matters you should contact me, however, my two fellow staff members also can answer your questions, perhaps even users who are no staff members but volunteer to assist MoviezWorldwide in a lot of matters.

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Hey there. Welcome to my user page on this wiki. I have been active in several fan communities for more than a decade. I also hold powers on plenty of them. Keep in mind that I'm an extremely busy person, who is administrating on a lot of communities and also still has a real life. However, most of the time I'm very fast to respond to messages. If you want to know how to further contact me, I will tell you my contact details in private upon your request. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

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