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The 10 Games Tournament Set 2 is the second Battle B-Daman starter set , succeeding the original 10 Games Tournament Set. It was released by Hasbro sometime during 2006 interntionally.


The 10 Games Tournament Set 2 is the second version of the original 10 Games Tournament Set released in 2005 by Hasbro. As such, it updates many of its features and brings along new additions.

The cardboard playmat has been radically redesigned, now taking on a black background with gray designs resembling spikes and curves. Two, long stylized dragons cover the whole area, spiraling together similar to a DNA helix. These dragons are colored blue and red, references to King Bakuso and King Rekuso.

Returning play pieces include EZ Targets, the Target Gates and an IBA Body all using white colors though the IBA Body's Trigger and Hold Parts are red. Despite these changes, the Battle Puck has been changed the most. Instead of being a triangular shape, it has been reformatted into a six-spiked star, and the spikes are curved.

Two new parts come with the set. They are two, white barrier pieces that can connect to any of the walls. The second is more prominent as it is a major piece of play and selling point for the set: a vertical loop. Colored in white, this game tool allows either player to shoot B-DaBalls into any of two entrances, causing the marble to ride along it and make a full loop before leaving. The piece is seemingly inspired by the vertical loop piece seen in the Battle Strike 5 by Sonokong.

Like before, the set advertises ten different modes of play. Five of those are returning and the remaining five are new games.