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The 3 Block Gear System is the system that started off the Crash B-Daman toyline, beginning with Magnum Ifrit's release in December 2005.


The 3 Block Gear System, as the name suggests, has B-Daman made up of three different components;

Core B-Daman Block[]

The B-Daman itself is the central component of the 3 Block Gear System. The head has a flip-down helm, often concealing the eyes or visor. Has places to which the Grip and Barrel Blocks can be attached, in addition to sockets on the arms for equipping Crash Weapons.

Grip Block[]

This part, designed like a pistol grip, has the firing mechanism built into it, and a means for the B-Der to hold the B-Daman. It also has a rail for either loading B-Dama or adding a magazine-based piece, such as the Loading Magazine. The Grip Block itself is symmetrical, allowing you to position it, so you could either hold it left- or right-handed. Attaches to the rear of the B-Daman by means of a latch.

Barrel Block[]

No B-Daman in the 3 Block Gear System is complete without the Barrel Block, which attaches to the front of the B-Daman, by means of hooks, to latch onto the fists of the B-Daman.

Naming method[]

B-Damans in the 3 Block Gear System has a method for naming, determined by what parts are used. The Barrel Block and/or Grip Block determine the first part of the B-Daman's name, with the Core B-Daman Block determining the second part. (Example: Rave Ifrit, formed from the Rave Barrel/Grip and Ifrit Core B-Daman Block)

List of B-Daman in the 3 Block Gear System[]



Rapid Fire-Type[]



The 3 Block Gear System not only provides a new approach to B-Daman customization, but also removes a long-standing problem; the chore of having to come up with names for B-Daman customs. One glaring flaw is the stickers; they are of poor quality, with too much emphasis on detail. Not helping things is how the gun-like appearances of the B-Damans did not prove particularly popular with Japanese parents. Nonetheless, the B-Damans are of an interesting design.