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Ababa is one of the main antagonists in Battle B-Daman. Though he was originally a benevolent cat, Marda B made him the leader of the Shadow Alliance, until he was forcibly removed from this alliance.


Ababa is an ageless cat with burgundy fur and bright yellow eyes. He wears his signature top hat with a hexagon and a cross inside. He wears a small long sleeve shirt that is always seen on him. It is violet with a black collar which extends down the torso of the shirt.

Ababa also has a third eye that symbolizes his allegiance to the Shadow Alliance. It is revealed later that he had very long light purple hair after he was returned to his original form.


  • Ababa is at a short 103cm and a light 17kg.
  • His birthday is on January 3rd.


As a leader of the Shadow Alliance, Ababa is an evil agent and will deceive anyone to get what he wants. He is shown to be the mentor of both the Yong Fa Brothers and Enjyu, but was willing to betray them all on command. Ababa is very used to blackmailing people to convince them to do his bidding.

Ababa is otherwise a much more benevolent (but nevertheless flat) character when he is not affiliated with the Shadow Alliance, though he did get scared easily.

Battle B-Daman[]

Ababa is a large regular burgundy talking cat with clothing. He seems to be a devious high ranking agent of the Shadow Alliance to be able to order Wen and Li around. He is normally only seen in that sanctuary where he uses his crystal ball to spy on the B-DaWorld. During the IBA Winners Tournament he brainwashed Bull to battle Yamato but to no avail as the spell was broken and Bull Borgnine was defeated. Ababa next used his magic to free and hypnotize Liena Grace Vincent and make her into a great B-DaPlayer. He knocks out Sigma and has Liena replace him in his match against Terry McScotty. Ababa is seen highly upset when Wen and Li decide to leave the Shadow Alliance and when Liena is freed from her mind control. Now Ababa will go to any lengths to have his way and when Enjyu shows signs of leaving the Shadow Alliance he tries to destroy him but fails. In Ababa's final attempt he hypnotizes Vinnie V and tries to have him disqualify Yamato to no avail. He is then chased down by IBA security.

Marda B soon expels him from the Shadow Alliance, and removes his third eye and Ababa changes back to his true self with no memory of what happened and runs away. Ababa is never seen again until the finale episode.


Ababa's role in the Manga is similar to the Anime - A high ranking member of the Shadow Alliance who is able to brainwash B-DaPlayers. However, after the Winner's Tournament, instead of escaping, Ababa had his third eye covered up by Enjyu and he was sent to jail. He returns in Volume 7 where he discusses about Biarce with Enjyu. He also sent Enjyu a warning about Aqulas, only to result in being far too late. He was released from jail and joined Enjyu to help Yamato's team in getting rid of Biarce in Volume 8. Eiji Inuki reveals that Ababa is now living with Enjyu and is treating him like a mother Enjyu never had.

Battle B-Daman (Video Game)[]

Even though he is first mentioned by Li, Ababa appears for the first time during the IBA Winners Tournament's opening ceremony with Wen, Li, Gray and Enjyu, where he informs Gray that Yamato also entered the Tournament, later he brainwashes Bull offscreen, and unlike in the anime and manga he brainwashes Liena, Gray's sister, before Gray's match with Yamato, later after Yamato defeats Enjyu and Enjyu leaves the Shadow Alliance he was about to use a bomb to destroy the Winners Dome an all B-DaPlayers in it but is stopped by Death who tells him to not touch his food, after Yamato destroys Skull Dragon, Enjyu ties and gags him and covers his third eye and takes him to the police.


Battle B-Daman[]