Accel Leon
Product Code 52
Type Rapid Fire/Control
Price 980円
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan March 2004
Armor Accel Leon
Skeleton IBA Body
Power 0
Rapid-Fire 5
Control 3
Owner Assado
First Appearance The Good, the Bad and the B-DaPlayer
Special Move(s) Lion Claw
Lion Claw Power Blast (w/ Cobalt Saber)

Accel Leon (Japanese: アクセルレオン, Akuseru Reon) is the B-Daman of Assado. It is a Rapid Fire/Control-Type Zero System B-Daman. It was released in Japan in March 2004 and sold for 980円.

IBA Body & Armor

Accel Leon features a black IBA Body skeleton to where the armor parts can be attached.

Leon Head

This part is silvery-colored with gradient yellow/black designs, especially its visor. Adding to its lion motif are two fins on either side designed like a lion's mane.

Leon Shoulders

These parts are silvery-colored along with gradient yellow/black and blue. It has two braces that go over the shoulder as armor.

Leon Foot

These parts are silvery-colored has a lion motif along with a 3-toed texture at the front and has a gradient yellow/black design over the foot.

Loader Server

This B-Daman is equipped with the Loader Server for extra space for holding marbles. On the sides are areas where you can store the Speed Loaders.

Speed Loader Magazines

The Speed Loaders on the back of the B-Daman allows you to pick up marbles and place it on the Loader Server to reload the Magazine. It is equipped with two of them, so you can reload with one hand, and fire with the other hand.

Long Trigger Wing

The Long Trigger Wing provides you a one-handed wing grip and an extended Trigger to allow for one-handed holding and firing from the rear.


As with any IBA Body Core, Accel Leon's is not interchangeable. It has dark blue Hold Parts, along with a standard Trigger of the same coloration.

Battle B-Daman

Accel Leon is first shown to have immense rapid fire but limited accuracy when it was used to battle Cobalt Blade and Yamato in the Leon Stage of the Five Field Challenges. Accel Leon is next used to battle Liena's Garnet Wind to no contest. Accel Leon debuts its special ability, "Lion Claw", while battling Manual and his B-Daman. Accel Leon and Cobalt Saber are able to combine their special shots to form the "Lion Claw Power Blast" to defeat Manual in his Revenge Mode.

Other Versions

  • Accel Leon Crystal Ver. - Tournament prize.


The Long Trigger Wing is one of the best pieces for one-handing holding and firing, thanks to the width of the wing unit



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