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Random Starter 2012

Accele=Bearga is a Power Type B-Daman.It was released in the Random Starter 2012

Body Set: Bearga[]

Head Part: Bearga Head[]

The Bearga Head is designed like a bear's head, with a blue like visor in it's open mouth, two blue eye designs, and a dark blue sticker shaped like a scar.It is recolored into indigo.

Arm Parts: Bearga Arms[]

These Arm Parts are rather large, with five-fingered hands meant to resemble the claws on a bear's front legs.It is also recolored into indigo.


Accele Bearga

Stud Parts[]

Thunder Bearga has solid pink Stud Parts.

Leg Part: Bearga Leg[]

The Bearga Leg is of a bulky-looking design with three toes, and meant to resemble a bear's hindlegs.Like the Head and Arm Parts,it is also recolored into indigo.

Core Part: Accele[]

Accele has a set of three Hold Parts in the classic Delta formation. On the bottom Hold Part for this Core is an old favorite that has been around since Super B-Daman; a rubber drive strip, which causes a marble fired from it to spin forward while knocking down a target powerfully. As a result, this makes the Accele Core a good part for Power Types.It is the core of Thunder Dracyan recolored into black.