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Akira Saigo is a character in B-Daman Crossfire. He is the owner of the Miracle Shoot B-Daman Shop.

Akira Saiga
Basic Information
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Age 22
Occupation Miracle Shoot B-Daman Shop Owner
B-Daman None
Japanese Voice Actor Makoto Higo
English Voice Actor Chris Marlowe


Akira is a 22 year old man with brown hair and emerald green eyes. His hair is short cut but tapered so that the top is longer than the sides. In work attire he wears a white collard shirt under a blue and green, yellow and blue work smock. On the smock the top straps are green, under that the layer is a pale yellow with blue and green pockets. The under skirt of the smock is blue that covers his blue work jeans and boots.

B-Daman Crossfire

Akira was first debuted when Riki worked at his booth for the B-Daman tournament going on. He introduced himself and eventually was impressed by Riki's hard work and enthusiasm. He took Riki to his main shop, the Miracle Shoot B-Daman Shop. There he allowed Riki to choose any B-Daman of his liking. Riki chose Thunder Dracyan and Akira Saigo was reluctant to give him it. But he did in the end and warned him of the bond the two would have to share.