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Alpha Bahamut (Japanese: アルファバハムート, Arufabahamūto) is a Rush Type Synchro Weapon System B-Daman and one of the components of Ultimate Bahamut. It is used by Kyousuke Arasaki in the Crash B-Daman anime. The toy is exclusive to the Final Battle Box.

Alpha Bahamut. It's another companion of mine.

Kyousuke Arasaki to Hitto (episode 42)

Core B-Daman Block: Bahamut[]

For Alpha Bahamut, this Core B-Daman Block has a semi-translucent gray body with a smokey translucent helm and shoulder guards. It also features Round Hold Parts, unlike its more ferocious counterpart.

Armor: Farm Bolts[]

The Farm Bolts are two screw-like components attached to the elbow areas of the B-Daman equipped with them. Their gimmick; One can turn them to adjust the B-Daman's power, by squeezing in or releasing the Hold Parts as they are rotated. Alpha Bahamut features these pieces in purple.

Barrel Block: .67 Rear Barrel[]

The .67 Rear Barrel is short in length with a removable iron-style sight. It is similar in nature to the .67 Foregrip Barrel in which other Barrel Blocks can be attached to it to increase its length. Alpha Bahamut features this piece in a semi-translucent light blue coloration.

Synchro Grip: Dark[]

Alpha Bahamut's Dark Synchro Grip has a smokey translucent handle, semi-translucent blue body, and a dark gray Trigger and sub-trigger.

Magazine: Connect Server[]

The Connect Server is an L-shaped piece that adds to the B-Daman's base loading capacity with a feed rail like Evil Levioth's Stock Server. However, it's got two more tricks up its sleeves; You can attach the foot of the piece on the underside of the Synchro Grip for better stability on the playing field, but it can also be used to create a Double Synchro Grip. In this case, the Connect Server is used to create Ultimate Bahamut's Double Dark Synchro Grip. It is a semi-translucent light blue in color.






  • Alpha Bahamut and Omega Bahamut's names are a reference to a phrase from the Book of Revelations, "I am the Alpha and the Omega."
  • The toy version, when equipped with the clear purple Loading Magazine is referred to as "Alpha Bahamut Pro Wing Clear Ver."
  • It also happened to be Kyousuke's first B-Daman (as exhibited in Episode 42 of the anime series), but he didn't use it until he had acquired Omega Bahamut from Professor Trigger.
  • Alpha Bahamut does not appear by itself in the Manga version. It appears already fused into Tycoon Shou's Ultimate Bahamut.