Aoi Saionji
Aoi main
Basic Information
Hair Green
Eyes Teal
Occupation Heir to Saionji Konzern
B-Daman Generic Blue
Japanese Voice Actor Rika Morinaga
English Voice Actor N/A

Aoi Saionji (Japanese: 西園寺 アオイ(サイオンジ アオイ) Saionji Aoi) is minor antagonist appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Aoi is a young boy of short stature. He has a wild-looking long green hair and teal-colored eyes. He wears a yellow dress shirt, mustard-colored vest with a red necktie, blue short pants, white fingerless gloves and a pair of blue and white sneakers with yellow socks.


As expected from the Heir of the Saionji Konzern; Aoi is a selfish, braggart and arrogant child. He does not like losing and would take out his frustrations on everyone in the company so his peers has to devise a way to sabotage the competition for him. He also likes to have a piece of the action, doing all what it takes such as sweet-talking his grandfather and pinning all the blame on Kyousuke Arasaki.

Despite all those negative traits, Aoi cares deeply about his grandfather as much as how much he cares about himself.



Crash B-Daman


Aoi is seen to have fought two battles in the series. The first one was against Hitto Tamaga in Episode 42 during the World Crash Cup Finals. However, their battle was interrupted due to the disaster in the roller coaster. The second battle that Aoi fought was against Teruma in the Saionji Building. Aoi won the battle just because Sabu Nishijima got rid of Teruma.


  • His given name means Blue.
  • Aoi has the same voice actress as the younger version of Kyousuke seen in the flashback in Episode 45.


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