Basic Information
Hair Red
Eyes Gray
Age 8
Occupation * Occupations
  • Five Field Guardian
  • Guardian of the Leon Stage
  • B-Da Player
  • Student at the B-Da Player Academy
B-Daman Accel Leon
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Assado is a recurring character in Battle B-Daman. His B-Daman is Accel Leon.

Appearance and Personality

Assado is a red headed boy that wears a Lion costume while apart of the Super Five. He has gray eyes and appears to be of Caucasian decent. Assado is a very kind, uplifting person who loves to encourage and excite people. Assado is also a good sport shown when he is defeated by Yamato, smiling and congratulating him even after he lost. He is also deceived as he was unaware of Cain McDonnell's evil intentions and only means to do good.


  • Assado is 127cm tall and weighs 27kg.
  • His blood type is A.
  • His birthday is on 5th December.
  • Assado is the youngest character in the original series, excluding minor characters.
  • Assado's name may be derived from Assoud, the Arabic word for "lion".

Battle B-Daman

Assado is first seen in the outskirts of Neon City. He becomes friends with Yamato after he tries to save Assado from "the lion attacking his head". The two share a conversation and Assado encourages Yamato to try fishing for food. The two part ways and he tells them to look westward to find a way to civilization.

Assado is later revealed to be one of the Five Field Guardians and the guardian of the Leon stage. He impresses Yamato and the gang by completing The Leon Stage in only 16 seconds, scoring a 95. But to his surprise, Assado is defeated as Yamato completes the challenge in 15 seconds, scoring a Perfect 100.

Assado congratulates Yamato as he moves on to the next challenge. Assado is next seen with the other three field guardians at Mr. Watt's party, where he shows Yamato his Accel Leon. He is next scene with the other guardians cheering Yamato on in his match against Cain. It is later revealed that Assado along with Sly and Joe were hired all for Cain's plan to destroy Cobalt Blade and are later recruited again to stop the creation of Cobalt Saber.

Assado is next seen on Yamato Gang's journey to defeat the Neo Shadow Alliance where he apologized for helping Cain and invites them all to his house. When they all go to Assado's house it is revealed that he is actually very wealthy and lives in a mansion thanks to his findings. His findings are large crystals which he finds from his original village. He takes Yamato and the gang to his school the B-Da Player Academy. There they find that many things since it has been taken over by the Neo Shadow Alliance agent Manual. Yamato and Assado challenge Manual and easily defeat him. He returns in Revenge mode and causes them a lot of trouble, revealing he can use their own moves against them.

Assado later returns when the Neo Shadow Alliance begins to take control of the B-Da World. He returns along side Joe to assist Yamato and the gang in retrieving the B-Energies, but while interfering the guardian of the B-Energy freezes both he and Joe. They are set free after Yamato, Terry, Grey and Wen defeat it. Assado and Joe later join Bull in a last effort to defend Neon City against the Neo Shadow Alliance. They were all turned to stone instantly by Marda B's Harrier. Assado along with everyone else was freed from his stone form when the Neo Shadow Alliance was defeated. Assado is last seen with every other character in the series at the end.

Five Field Challenge: Leon Stage

The Leon Stage is the first stage of the Five Field Challenges. It is an L shaped stage where the Guardian and Challenger must fire five b-da balls into the designated zone within fifteen seconds to score a Perfect 100. Each second over that equals a ten point deduction.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Result Battle Type
Yamato Delgado Lose Leon Stage Challenge
Liena Grace Vincent No Result Direct Hit Battle
Manual (tag w/ Yamato) Win Direct Hit Battle
Manual Revenge Mode (tag w/ Yamato) Win Direct Hit Battle
Opponent Result Battle Type
Grey Michael Vincent Win Leon Stage Challenge
Grey Michael Vincent (Rematch) Lose Leon Stage Challenge



  • "You need to have faith, you gotta believe in yourself, if you have that good thing's will happen!"


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