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An Assembly Tool is a small screwdriver that comes with certain series of B-Daman and B-Daman accessories.

Battle B-Daman[]

A Key-shaped gray or clear green Assembler Tool is included with accessories such as the Direct Hit Battle (DHB) Unit, and can be used to take apart and put DHB System B-Damans back together, as well as adding said accessories.

Cross Fight B-Daman[]

Takara Tomy[]

Assembly Tools are included in every starter package of Takara Tomy Cross Fight B-Daman and Cross Fight B-Daman eS. They're also included in the Core Random Booster packages. The Assembly Tool is very essential in fixing the "Stud Parts" in place.

The Assembly Tool is nearly always the same color as the Stud Parts and/or the Hold Parts as they usually come from the same runner. The only exception is Dravise (Rev=Dravise, Steer=Dravise, etc) wherein the Assembly Tool is included with the Body Set.

Takara Tomy's version is seen in four different variations.

  • The first one is the crescent-like shape which is the longest of the four and are usually found in earlier releases or specifically from Accele=Dracyan up to Force=Dragren.
  • A shorter version with a diamond-shaped opposite tip and a small hole is found in later releases starting with Round=Tigare.
  • Another variation is the L-shaped assembler tool which is included with eS series starters. It is included with Drive=Garuburn onwards.
  • Smash=Dragold has a unique black assembler tool which is of different shape as everything else mentioned above.


The Hasbro version resembles a Philips head screwdriver. This version has slots in which one can insert unused Stud Parts to prevent loss of parts.