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The B-DaMage is a main character from Battle B-Daman.


B-DaMage is the first character introduced in Battle B-Daman. She is a blue bubble-like character with black hair and black eyes. She is the narrator of Battle B-Daman and explains the story for the viewer.

B-DaMage has several aspects of it in the Manga, each based on the 7 Legend Stones. The B-DaMage was shown through the entire series in the Manga and Anime, and is the representative of the Fire Legend Stone, which was the one Yamato had right from the beginning. B-DaMage is capable of granting wishes for those who have collected all Legend Stones.



B-DaMage is seen in every episode of Battle B-Daman, this is due to the fact that she is the narrator of the show. She is normally shown only during the introduction of the episode or when the story is interrupted and she must explain something such as battle rules and character origin. The B-DaMage is also seen to have a competition with Marilyn and Vinnie V when announcing Five Field Challenge and Elite Eight rules and regulations.


Battle B-Daman
Challenge Score Battle Type
Phoenix Stage Challenge Perfect 100 Phoenix Stage


Battle B-Daman[]


Battle B-Daman[]

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits![]

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