The Competition Begins! B-Master Battle!




English (Dubbed) The Competition Begins! B-Master Battle!
English (Translated) War! The B-Master Battle
Formidable Blue Enemy! NEW Dracyan
Japanese (Katakana) 開戦!Bマスターバトルだぜィ
Japanese (Romanised) Kaisen! Bmasutā batoru da zei
Aoi kyouteki! NEW dorashian da zei
Series Details
Season B-Daman Fireblast
Episode Number (Japan) 21/22
Episode Number (Western) 11
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan February 24, 2013
March 3, 2013
United States N/A
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) Dream
Ending (Japanese) Ray of Light
Opening (English) Ready Aim Fireblast!
Ending (English) Ready Aim Fireblast! (instrumental)
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Another Newcomer! Scorpio! Big Showdown! Garuburn vs Dracyan

The Competition Begins! B-Master Battle! is the eleventh episode of the B-Daman Fireblast season. It first aired in two parts on February 24, 2013 and March 3, 2013 in Japan.


Part 1

Ryoma has sent out news of a "B-Master Battle" to all B-Ders in Crest Land. With the prize of the "B-Master Battle" being the chance to become the new Eastern B-Master, B-Ders from all over are eager to participate in the tournament, including Kamon , Basara and even Riki....

Part 2

The finals of the B-Master Battle are underway! The top six, Kamon, Samuru, Simon, Kagero, Basara and Riki, find themselves engaged in a six-way survival battle. As the result of random selection, the first round between Riki, Basara and Kagero is a Vertigo Spin match. With Basara and Drazeros making extensive use of their Emblem Charges, Riki combats this, reigniting their rivalry with his new Rising=Dracyan! Meanwhile, the match between Kamon, Samuru and Simon is taking a unpredicted turn of events...

Major Events



Featured B-Dabattles

"B-Master Battle" - Vertigo Spin - Kagero vs Riki vs Basara
Entrants Results
Kagero Ogami/Gunlock=Wolg
Riki Ryugasaki/Rising=Dracyan
Basara Kurohuchi/Stream=Drazeros
1st Riki Ryugasaki 2
2nd Basara Kurohuchi 1
3rd Kagero Ogami 1

"B-Master Battle" - Vertigo Spin - Kamon vs Samuru vs Simon
Entrants Results
Kamon Godai/Drive=Garuburn
Samuru Shigane/Sonic=Dravise
Simon Sumiya/Mach=Sasword
1st Kamon Godai 2
2nd Samuru Shigane 1
3rd Simon Sumiya 1



B-Daman Fireblast Episode 11

B-Daman Fireblast Episode 11


Part 1

Part 2

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