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An Uninvited Guest! Tripress!
究極の敵! トリプル=ギルシオン
English (Dubbed) An Uninvited Guest! Tripress!
English (Translated) An Uninvited Guest! Dyna=Tripress
The Ultimate Enemy! Triple=Gillusion
Japanese (Katakana) 招かれざる客!ダイナ=トリプレス
究極の敵! トリプル=ギルシオン
Japanese (Romanised) Manekarezaru Kyaku! Daina=Toripuresu
Kyūkyoku no teki! Toripuru = girushion
Series Details
Season B-Daman Fireblast
Episode Number (Japan) 37/38
Episode Number (Western) 19
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan June 16, 2013
June 23, 2013
United States N/A
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) Dream
Ending (Japanese) Ray of Light
Opening (English) Ready Aim Fireblast!
Ending (English) Ready Aim Fireblast! (instrumental)
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Going Wild! Showdown with Tankshell! Operation: Rescue! Phoenix!

"An Uninvited Guest! Tripress!" is the nineteenth episode of the B-Daman Fireblast season. It first aired in two parts on June 16, 2013 and June 23, 2013 in Japan.


Part 1[]

Suddenly, an enormous phoenix-shaped island slowly rises from Crestland's oceans.

At AONA, Kamon Day talks with his mother, Himiko concerning "Phoenix Battle Island". At a ship with Samuru's father, they have witnessed this new island forming. She believes it contains more information on the Legend of Crestland, Spike Phoenix and does remember "when the evil beast is awakened, a good thing shall revive from the deep". Himiko oversees Rory's helicopter traveling to Kamon and Co. so she requests they investigate it. Their cell phone call ends and Kamon announces the news to everyone. Riki Ryugasaki, Bakuga Shira and Jenta Kokuji express interest in attending which is also what their B-Damans feel.

Meanwhile in the Grand B-Master's headquarters, Roma Day, Agent Dark and Novu Moru scan Phoenix Battle Island who also believe the Legendary B-Daman is somewhere there. With his two B-Damans, Roma informs them that he will enter the island while Novu raises suspicions.

Back from the WBMA, Rory is ready to take the B-Shots to the new island via her helicopter. Kamon, Riki, Bakuga, Jenta will attend. Greg Day states that while the five will be there, he will stay on Crestland to spectate the battles already happening like Ken Ogami versing Syumon Katsumiya in Meteor Bomber and Misuru Hachuka against Samuru Shigami in DX Break Bomber 7. Hugo eagerly requests Kamon to accompany them and the latter accepts - Aona subsequently asks the same to which her father recommends.

From the shadows, a mysterious green-haired boy with a peculiar B-Daman shoots a B-Da Marble into the waters. As this causes the others to find what just happened, the young boy secretly boards the helicopter with nobody knowing. Yet after not finding anything but rippling water, the B-Shots are now ready and raise their B-Damans into the air. Rory's copter leaves as Greg hopes they find Spike Phoenix before evil forces do.

Novu meanwhile uses a radar that tracks Rory's helicopter near the island.

The copter is ever so near Phoenix Battle Island, but shockingly find another helicopter that already landed. This helicopter's cargo contains 15 Dragon Targets which swarm out and begin shooting the heroes' copter. As a result, Rory informs Kamon and Co. that they must parachute out to successfully land on the island and be unharmed. They accept and grab their gear to board off as Kamon, Aona, Riki, Hugo, Bakuga and Jenta activate their parachutes. Rory does notice one remaining parachute but the boy who was secretly hiding dashes, taking the parachute and jumping off.

Rory retreats in her helicopter to avoid the Dragon Targets whilst Novu's radar also tracks the six who landed on different areas of Phoenix Battle Island. This reveals Roma, Dark and Novu were in the helicopter which released the Dragon Targets.

Riki and Hugo walk together but the latter's Jet Leo warns them of incoming danger. Riki's Rising Dracyan also senses this as four Dragon Targets come towards them. They fire their B-Damans and destroy the Targets, allowing them to pass.

Bakuga and Jenta travel to an ancient battling structure and find the Grand B-Master on the opposite side. Roma's B-Damans emit a sinister voice and a black aura which intimidates them. The ancient structure then creates a Meteor Bomber field where the friends agree to battle Roma.

On the other hand, Kamon and Aona find themselves in an ancient Power Push game. Kamon thinks the Canon Arm is the perfect Tune-Up Gear for this and creates Canon Drive Garuburn. He fires a shot which pushes one of the pillars but another B-Dama on the opposite side pushes back on it. The boy from earlier plays a short note on his guitar and lands on the ground, revealing his name as Ryan Tsunotsuki. Also searching for Spike Phoenix, his B-Daman, Dyna Tripress opens fire on Power Push. Kamon and Garuburn are determined to defeat this new B-Shot and succeed in fully pushing one pillar. Ryan becomes irritated and creates additional fire to push another pillar - 2 for him. Kamon gets fired up with an eCharge to summon the Vermilion Bird of the South and shoots a flaming marble in Erupting Overdrive. Ryan will not let this happen and activates Dyna Tripress' own Emblem Charge to summon the green Triceratops which bests Kamon and Garuburn. Pushing 3 pillars scores Ryan the win and a nearby door to which he bids farewell to his opponents and leaves.

In their own battle, Bakuga crafts Buster Kreis Raydra with Lightning Giga Flash while Jenta makes Dash Dashing Tankshell and Infinite Dark Inferno. Despite this, Roma uses his own Emblem Charge: "Double Phantom Omega" with Left Stallion and Right Drake in the form of a "Twin Emblem Charge". Surprising the two, Roma's B-Damans release the blue pegasus and the black dragon which knock Bakuga and Jenta away - providing the Grand B-Master with the upper hand. Bakuga and Jenta get back up but Roma surprises them again by placing Stallion and Drake next to one-another, creating an aura of light to bestow them - also emitting a beacon of light.

From the distance, Kamon and Aona see the beacon and run towards it.

Major Events[]

  • Kamon and Co. enter Phoenix Battle Island to retrieve Spike Phoenix.
  • Ryan debuts with Dyna Tripress, battling and defeating Kamon.
  • Bakuga and Jenta fight Roma.
  • Roma begins creating Triple Gillusion.
  • Roma defeats Bakuga and Jenta.
  • Riki and Hugo challenge Roma in Meteor Bomber but lose.
  • Kamon challenges Roma to a Meteor Bomber match, and loses.
  • Roma acquires Ultimate Phoenix.
  • Ryan causes Spike Phoenix's B-Animal to leave the B-Daman, rendering Ultimate Phoenix useless.
  • Basara is revealed to be the person Ryan calls his "big brother".
  • Roma is revealed to be under the full control of the Kirin, not having any free will at all.



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