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B-Daman Hunter is a type of sub-occupation related with B-Daman.


There are two types of B-Daman Hunters shown in the series

  • B-Daman Hunter (ビーダマンハンター Biidaman Hantaa) is a B-Der that hunts for elusive targets exclusively using B-Daman.
  • The second type is someone who hunts down rare B-Daman for whatsoever devious purpose. In Japanese, this type is called B-Daman Gari   (ビーダマン狩り Biida Gari) instead of the romanized version of the term. 

Examples of B-Daman Hunters[]

B-Daman Hunter[]

  • Konta Tsukino (Crash B-Daman) - Konta even declares that he is a B-Daman Hunter and his catchphrase is "That Prey is mine!" (その獲物わぼくのです!! Sono emono wa boku no desu!).

B-Daman Gari[]

  • Madoka Daisaku (Super B-Daman) - He tests the strength of his opponents using challenges of his own design, and if they did not live up to his expectations, he takes their B-Daman and adds it to his collection.
  • Bull Borgnine (Battle B-Daman) - Hunts down rare B-Daman although this objective has eventually worn away.
  • Teruma Kamioka (Crash B-Daman) - His Devil side maniacally hunts for any kind of B-Daman. He gives his opponents the option to either fight him regardless or to leave their B-Daman.
  • Basara Kurofuchi (Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)) - In the Eighth Chapter, Basara is seen forcing weaker opponents to fight him. Once he defeats them, he takes their B-Daman as hostage to lure out Kakeru
  • Ryuichi Hoshino (Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix) - Desperately hunts for Enzi's Phoenix so that he can look cool to his would-be fangirls.