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SEP Announcement! "Project B" is revealed in full
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Fireblast #26
"The Final Match! Phoenix Grand Prix!"
Ryoma finally regained his true heart after his battle with Kamon. However, he lost consciousness immediately after. While his condition appears to be a natural collapse, it is possible that Ryoma's vital energy has been lowered and that he may not wake up. Commissioner Tenpouin, who is aware of this situation, gives Kakeru and Kamon the option of whether they want the finals to take place or not, but Kakeru leaves it up to Kamon. Kamon insists they shouldn't worry. And so, the final match to decide the #1 in the B-Daman world begins; Kamon & Ultimate Drive=Garuburn VS Kakeru & Ultimate Rising=Dracyan. The finals of the Phoenix Grand Prix, Meteor Bomber, commence!

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