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Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits Character

B-Deus, or TP, is a character appearing in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! Although originally a supporting character for the first half of the series, he later reveals himself as the main antagonist for a majority of the series.


B-Deus is a tall middle-aged man with a thick dark brown beard, mustache, and hair. As TP, he dresses in a casual cowboy-style outfit, sometimes comes with a black cowboy hat. As B-Deus, he changes to a purple long-sleeve outfit with long black cape.


TP first debut in the season as a store owner who was in possession of Yamato Delgado's Drive Shot. As Yamato fought a 4-on-1 DHB match against 4 cowboys, TP was seen shining up his B-Daman as well as the case containing the strike shot. When Yamato fought against the last cowboy, both ran out of B-Dama. At that time, an extra B-Dama fell out of TP's B-Daman as he was cleaning it. Yamato swiftly loaded Cobalt Saber Fire with it and won the match against the last cowboy, resulting in TP giving Yamato the Drive Shot.

TP then hosted the B-DaBattle between Yamato and Haja in an Ultimate Strike battle with who should keep the Drive Shot. After Yamato won the battle, TP proclaimed Yamato the winner as well as showing interest in Yamato.

Since his debut, TP was shown in a variety of areas meeting up with or being around the protagonists as well as other B-DaPlayers of the season working at a variety of stores.

It wasn't until the middle of the series after Yamato faced Aqulas at the Winners tournament, where TP would play a bigger role in the series presenting himself as B-Deus, a man who wants to take control of the B-DaWorld. B-Deus and his subordinates Eqūs and Feresu would later wreak havoc at the Winners ceremony before being stopped by Yamato and the gang.

After successful capturing Aqulas to help him create the ultimate Gadium shot, B-Deus would then send his followers including Haja and Jinbee to stop Yamato and the gang from stopping his plan to take over the B-DaWorld.

When Yamato successfully rescued Aqulas, B-Deus' headquarters rised and presented the Gadium shot Yamato and the gang before using it to revived Geldezzar.

Afterwards, B-Deus broadcast himself worldwide to the B-DaWorld for a tournament challenging Yamato's team and whoever's team won will determine the fate of the B-DaWorld. After both sides were tied up, the final battle between Yamato and Geldezzar was underway. However, during the battle Geldezzar later betrayed B-Deus by sucking him, his followers, and everyone us in the arena in him to reveal his true form with match against Yamato.

After Geldezzar's defeat, B-Deus and his subordinates were released. B-Deus was then seen among the crowd as Yamato and his friends B-DaBattle in a tournament for the Aqulas cup. With Geldezzar gone, B-Deus and his subordinates were assumed to have redeemed themselves from their evil ways.


As TP, he present himself as a man who doesn't seem to be easily bothered whether that being Yamato and the cowboys B-DaBattling on top of his counter table or when Haja completely obliterated his store. He is also shown to be quite wise and intelligent such as when he addressed the Haja's Gill Scorpion B-Daman as well as addressing the different types of strike shots in relationship with different kinds of B-Daman. He is also shown to be quite curious and interested in certain characters and their battling style.

As B-Deus, he is shown to be quite wrathful and cold. He seems to also have high expectations of his subordinates as he was seen punishing Feresu because although Feresu won against her match with Terry, he was disappointed in her performance.

In both his egos, he is also shown to be a pretty emotional person being touched at heartwarming time such as when Bull left Yamato to being with Aqulas.


  • In the game of Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!, TP was never a villain. Instead the Death Poker Alliance were the villains.
  • B-Deus also share similarity with the main villains from the previous season Ababa, Marda B, and Cain McDonnell.
    • Like Ababa, they both appear as the leader of their respected evil organization. Both also appear to have supernatural abilities. Both have a pair of subordinates who are also siblings. For Ababa that being Wen and Li while for B-Deus it was Feresu and Eqūs. Both were also outclassed by the true mastermind of their season. For Ababa, that was Marda B while for B-Deus it was Geldezzar.
    • Like Marda B, they presented themselves to Yamato as his new enemy in the middle of their seasons. Also, to note after both of the Winners arc of the two seasons were finished, Yamato would set out on a quest with his friends to defeat them.
    • Like Cain McDonnell, they both appear as benevolent characters before revealing their true intentions to Yamato as his enemy. Both of them were then redeemed at the end of their seasons.