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The B-Masters (Japanese: B-マスター, B-Masutā) are a set of four top-ranking B-Shots featured in B-Daman Fireblast. They control the four sections of Crestland, and the rules of B-Daman in them.



The B-Masters are among the elite of Crestland's B-Shots, each one holding dominion over the B-Shots in their designated area in the region. They answer to the only B-Shot that outranks them; the Grand B-MasterKamon Day was once the B-Master of the Southern Area, but was 'exiled' from that position when he lost his Drive Garuburn's B-Animal and his memories after a harsh, devastating defeat by his older brother, Roma Day, the Grand B-Master of Crestland. 

B-Daman Fireblast[]

In War! The B-Master Battle, it is revealed that nobody holds the title of "Eastern B-Master". Roma offers the chance to become the Eastern B-Master to anyone who can win the B-Master Battle Tournament.

In You're the Eastern B-Master, Dark Kamon defeats Riki Ryugasaki in the B-Master Battle finals, becoming the Eastern B-Master.

In Final Battle! Garuburn VS Dracyan, Riki defeats Dark Kamon in a Road Fight. Due to Kamon's memories being returned, he is reinstated as the Southern B-Master, while Riki is promoted to Eastern B-Master. This also corresponds with the statues in both sections of Crestland.

Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)[]

In the Manga adaptation by Makoto Mizobuchi, the battle against the B-Masters all the way to the Grand B-Master takes up the majority of Kamon's part of the manga.

Unlike in the anime, Mitsuru Hachisuka is initially the South Area B-Master and Kakeru Ryugasaki is already the East Area B-Master. Like in the anime, Byakuga Shiranui and Genta Ankokuji are the West and North Area B-Masters respectively. Kamon defeated all four of them and is named All-in-One B-Master.

It should be noted that the concept of the Grand B-Master varies in the manga. The Grand B-Master is simply a title for the man who created the Road Fight and may not be passed on to the one who defeats him in battle.

It is unknown as to whether Ryoma personally passed on the title of Grand B-Master to Kamon. Kamon, however, became the A-Block Champion of the Phoenix Grand Prix after defeating Ryoma and was still called All-in-one B-Master.



B-Master B-Daman Assumed Role From
North Jenta Kokuji Dashing Tankshell Prior to Mode Change of Friendship! Assault=Dragren
South Kamon Day Drive Garuburn
East Riki Ryugasaki Rising Dracyan Decisive Battle! Garuburn VS Deathciel
West Bakuga Shira Kreis Raydra Decisive Battle! Garuburn VS Deathciel


B-Master B-Daman Area Controlled
Kamon Day Drive Garuburn East (ES024-ES026)
Bakuga Shira Kreis Raydra West (Prior to ES009 - ES032)
Riki Ryugasaki Rising Dracyan East (ES026 - ES033)