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The B-Point Card (Japanese: ビーポイントカード, Bīpointokādo) is an accessory that can be used on the B-Ta 1Go arcade game, and store B-Points earned from playing the machine's challenges. It can only be acquired from any one of these three sets;

  • Brave Pen-B Blue DX Set
  • Saturn Pen-B Black DX Set
  • Accele=Dracyan DX Set


The B-Point Card is a plastic IC (integrated circuit) card that can be inserted into the B-Ta 1Go arcade machine, allowing the user to play the machine's games to earn B-Points. Earning a certain number of B-Points earns the player a Level-Up to his/her card. At certain levels, a prize can be earned. Each B-Point Card starts at 1000 B-Points.


Seeing as this can only be used in the Asian countries, the B-Point Card is useless anyplace where the B-Ta 1Go is not present, but serves as a collector's item. This item can also be used interchangeably with the Beypoint Card from Metal Fight Beyblade, since they're the same kind of IC card usable on the Gan Gan Hobby Machines.