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The BLOODIES is a group of minor antagonists appearing in the manga series, Crash B-Daman.


The members of the BLOODIES are characterized by the skull-shaped necklace that they wear. They carry no B-Daman and instead, they have baseball bats and other wooden weapons.


The BLOODIES are a ruthless gang of delinquents that love to pick on school children for either their money or B-Daman.



The BLOODIES are a gang of ruthless bullies that pick on school children. Ironically, they are led by a mysterious young boy.

Crash B-Daman (Manga)[]

The BLOODIES only appear in the first chapter of the first volume of the Manga. They attacked Mamoru Matoba, causing Hitto to fight against them.


The BLOODIES engaged in a brutal gang war against Hitto Tamaga. Hitto fought bravely against them, all by himself and with the power of his Magnum Ifrit. In the end, they all ran away in fright after witnessing a powerful shot from Hitto's Magnum Ifrit, blasting through the thick wall of the warehouse.


  • Their nearest anime counterparts are Team Black Horse (namely Kurokoma, Kinzou and Ginzou) because they are the first ever human opponents which Hitto Tamaga fought against.