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Bahamut (Japanese: バハムート Bahamuuto) is the secondary antagonist of the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


The Bahamut soul first appeared as a dragon-like wisp which can be seen as one up to three at a time.


The Bahamut desires nothing but destruction and death. He seeks to devour the souls of his victims.



Crash B-Daman (Manga)[]

Bahamut first appeared as the evil spirit inside Kyousuke Arasaki's Omega Bahamut. In reality, Bahamut is the manifestation of Kyousuke's heart and soul which reeks of pure darkness and destruction.

In the eleventh chapter, Kyousuke unleashes his true form and became the devilish Bahamut which then annihilated both Hitto and Kodoh.

Hitto manages to get back up and after witnessing the "death" of his "father," he awakened his true form as Ifrit. Due to his egotism and intense jealousy towards Hitto, Bahamut faced humiliating defeat soon after that.

In the first extra chapter, it was revealed that then six-year-old Kyousuke was able to break through Magajin's preservation chamber because he was born with the soul of Bahamut within him.


Bahamut fought only one battle and that was against Ifrit wherein he faced a humiliating defeat.



  • Bahamut is a large fish that supports the earth in Arabian mythology.