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Bakuso (Japanese: 爆蒼龍, Bakusouryuu, "explosive blue dragon") is Wen Yong Fa's first B-Daman in the anime, second in the manga, descended from Soujinryu. It is an Accuracy-Type Zero System B-Daman. It was first released in Japan in September 2003, and sold for 680円.

IBA Body

Due to being a Zero System B-Daman, Bakuso uses a dark blue IBA Body.

Head Armor and Visor: Maw Helmet and Crest Sight

The Maw Helmet (Dragon Head in Japan) armor piece is based on the appearance of an oriental-style dragon, boasting a yellow visor, and a fin known as the Crest Sight for aiming at targets.

Shoulder Armor: Dragon Shoulders

The Dragon Shoulders are a pair of stylized, segmented shoulder guards, and are more likely for cosmetic purposes.

Wrist Armor: Assault Claws

The Assault Claws (Dragon Claws in Japan) harbor a dragon motif; in this case two sharp claws for each of the arms of the IBA Body. These claws are molded onto a square-shaped pad which is inserted into the fists of the IBA Body. They can provide better grip in that two fingers of one can be pressed above each Claw for an easier hold.

Foot Armor: Dragon Foot

The Dragon Foot pieces resemble dragon-like toes with sharp nails. Due to their design, they are found elongated which can provide additional stability for the B-Daman to support Magazines and such.

Barrel: Focus Barrel

The Focus Barrel (Plate Barrel Armor in Japan) features two segmented plates and one smaller one on a base, that can be attached to the front of the Core to compress shots into a straight line for accuracy.


Bakuso's non-interchangeable Core has a pair of red Basic Hold Parts and Basic Trigger.

Other Versions


  • Bakuso is a shortening of the B-Daman's Japanese name, which is Bakusouryu.

Battle B-Daman

Bakuso is first seen with Wen while battling Bull and Yamato in a battle for Chrome Zephyr. His accuracy was displayed when he was able to easily aim at certain points on Yamato. He was used by Wen up until he was shown to have the ability to combine with Rekuso and become Bakurekuso. Bakurekuso was then used to further compete and win the battle. Bakuso is later seen when Wen qualifies for the IBA Winners Tournament by scoring a perfect 100 in Shoot the Gap. Later in the tournament semi-finals Wen uses Bakuso's "Azure Light" move to defeat Sae in B-Daman Invasion. In Wen's match with Enjyu, it was shown that Bakuso doesn't actually have a lot of strength, but does have spot on accuracy. During Wen and Li's return to their hometown, Lycan, along with Yamato and the gang, they went to go get Bakuso and Rekuso tuned up, but instead Bull and Mr. Rowbee upgraded them to King Bakuso and King Rekuso.