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Bal Tauros (Japanese: バルタウロス, Barutaurosu) is a Control Type 3 Block Gear System B-Daman belonging to Jubee Sanada. It was released in Japan on December 29, 2005, selling for 840円.

Core B-Daman Block: Tauros[]

  • Power: 2

Tauros is green with a silver helm that has an indented curve. There are red designs on the arm and on the feet. Its shoulder pads are flatly spiked with red and black designs on it. In its core is a set of Round Hold Parts, meant to compress fired B-Dama into straight paths for accurate shots.

Grip Block: Trigger Grip C[]

  • Gear: Normal
  • Cover: Middle

Trigger Grip C is white, black, and green with a black trigger. On the bottom of this grip is a green design.

Barrel Block: .67 Long Barrel[]

  • Power: 2
  • Control: 3

This Barrel Block is a long piece, ideal for accurate shots. The ends of this barrel are bulky and large. It is colored white and on the side is a "TAUROS" insignia, along with a symbol resembling the mythical bull.


Crash B-Daman[]






  • Bal is a shortening of "Balance", a hint of the B-Daman having balanced capabilities