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FS005 Title
English (Dubbed) Encounters
English (Translated) Unknown Encounter
Japanese (Katakana) 未知との遭遇
Japanese (Romanised) Michi to no souguu
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Episode Number 05
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan 2005-02-07
United States 2007-04-10
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) Fire Spirits
Ending (Japanese) Teen's Hi
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Encounters is the fifth episode of the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! season. It first aired on 7 February 2005.


Bull camps out by himself to discover Aqulas and Shin standing above a rock. The next day, Bull goes on a hunt for a Strike Shot. TP appears and offers Bull a taco and gives him some advice. He then appears at a field and after defeating a Squid, he receives a 'Strike Shot'- Which turned out to be a sort of sticky food instead. In the evening, he passes by a Parts Shop and admires the parts from the outside. The shop owner approaches him to ask if he wants anything, however Bull was out of money. Before he tried to beat Bull up, a group of cowboys appears out of nowhere. The Owner of the Parts Shop, terrified, ran back into the shop. The cowboys attempt to question Bull, but were stopped by Shin who appeared along with Aqulas. The cowboys immediately retreated after a few speeches from Shin. That night, Bull camps out again. He was then approached by Aqulas and Shin, to discover that Aqulas has no B-Daman and is in possession of the Stealth Shot. The next morning, Bull discovers that the two has already disappeared. He goes around the town once again, this time finding Yamato and Gunnos competing for another Strike Shot. He tries to call out for them, but was stopped because he finds out that Yamato already has the Drive Shot. Bull then walks away to find Shin, and they have a small chat. The cowboys then appear again, and Bull takes against all of them at once. Bull then decides to follow Aqulas and Shin to help Aqulas.

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