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Cobalt Blade
English (Dubbed) Cobalt Blade
English (Translated) Cobalt Blade's Appearance
Japanese (Katakana) コバルトブレード登場!
Japanese (Romanised) Kobarutoburēdo tōjō!
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 01
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan January 05, 2004
United States April 02, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) None
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Cobalt Blade is the first episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on January 05, 2004.


The episode begins with the B-Da Mage explaining that she will be the narrator of Yamato's journey into the B-Da World. Then the B-DaMage explains how Armada is the greatest inventor of the B-DaWorld as he creates Cobalt Blade. Cobalt Blade then flies of in a shooting star like form to Yamato Delgado. Yamato and his cat Tommi are then seen running into town. As they see a large crowd of people, Tommi simply runs into the crowd while Yamato exclaims that he was raised by cats and he can run like one as well. As Yamato jumps from building to building he jumps over Li and Wen who are seen in an alley way. As Yamato and Tommi race towards their house, Enjyu is seen on a cliff commenting on how Yamato will never defeat him. Yamato then jumps off a tall rock but falls into his Mom's café sign and Tommi defeats Yamato in the race as his mom appears out of the café. While Yamato's in the café, Cobalt Blade calls out to him but Yamato's mother interrupts and sends Yamato out for sugar. On his way back from the store he sights a B-DaBattle in progress. The show is then interrupted as the B-DaMage explains B-Daman's origin and how its played. As the story returns to the B-DaWorld the battle is interrupted by two thugs that say no one plays on their territory. Yamato interrupts the two and challenges them to a "challenge" in Yamato's own words, the two then taunt Yamato about never playing B-Daman and as the Fox thug prepares to hit Yamato, his stick is shot by Terry's Wing Ninja B-Daman. Terry then shoots the water carrier above them and the water comes down and as its splashing the container comes over top and covers them. The two who were interrupted by the thugs then ask Terry if he would like to B-DaBattle but then Terry explains how he only plays for high stakes and then jumps away. As Yamato exclaims his excited feeling about Terry's actions, he is interrupted by Bull asking "are you gonna stay out here all night". The two share a conversation and walk back to Yamato's house and then out of the desert Gray Michael Vincent appears as they are walking away. As they approach Yamato's house, Bull leaves and Yamato enters his home. Once inside he calls for his mother as she surprises him with a chocolate and cat treat birthday cake. While Yamato and his mother share a conversation, Gray appears through the café door and surprises both of them. Mie then asks who he is and Gray explains that he's come for Cobalt Blade. Gray then kicks over the table destroying Yamato's birthday cake, this sets Yamato off and he yells at Gray. Gray then threatens him as he pulls out his Chrome Zephyr B-Daman. The wall next to them then breaks open as a large ray of light shine out of it. Then a shooting star like ball flies to Yamato and takes its true form. It is revealed to be Cobalt Blade by Gray. Mie then explains that it is his B-Daman and his destiny. Gray then challenges him to a 1 on 1 Direct Hit Battle for Cobalt Blade. The two prepare and the battle begins, Yamato vs. Gray. The battle begins as Yamato fires off shots and Gray easily dodges them, Gray then fires a power shot and hits Yamato's shield, taunting him. Gray then tells him that he has no strategy and is just firing rapidly, he says that a great battler has his own style but Yamato has nothing. Yamato is then shot by Gray's Chrome Impact Slam, and he falls backwards as him mom tells him cats always land on their feet, this encouragement causes Yamato to begin thinking like a cat. Gray's finishing shot misses much to his surprise as Yamato tells him that he felt the shot coming, to Gray's surprise he figures that Yamato can feel the B-DaPower. Yamato loads his last shot and Cobalt Blade begins to change into its battling form with the flame stripes and eyes on the visor. With Yamato's new found abilities he is able to dodge Gray's next shot and returns fire with a power shot, Gray does the same in panic and the two B-DaBalls collide, and the two use their B-DaPower to push both of their B-DaBalls at each other, Gray tries to push his forward but to no avail, Yamato pushes his past Gray's and get a direct hit on Chrome Zephyr, winning the battle. The next scene is now inside a strange room where Li ad Wen are seen with Ababa commenting on Yamato's power. Next everyone sees Bull (now in brave form) crash Yamato's celebration, challenging him to a B-DaBattle, ending the episode.

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