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B-DaBattle Mountain
English (Dubbed) B-DaBattle Mountain
English (Translated) Confrontation in the Valley of the Gale!
Japanese (Katakana) 疾風の谷の対決!
Japanese (Romanised) Hayate no tani no taiketsu!
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 02
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan January 12, 2004
United States April 02, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) None
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Cobalt Blade Something to Crow About

B-DaBattle Mountain is the second episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on January 12, 2004.


The episode begins where the last episode left off, Bull's brave form challenging Yamato to a battle for Cobalt Blade. He then shows off Helio Breaker's appearance and power, and threatens to destroy Mie's café. Bull then fires at the café after Yamato refuses to give him Cobalt Blade, Bull's B-DaBalls are intercepted by Gray who is protecting the café. Gray then fires at Bull much to his surprise but to no avail, Bull dodges Gray's attack, and then flees the scene. Gray then tells Yamato not to get the wrong idea and leaves as well. Back at the Shadow Alliance headquarters, Ababa, Wen, and Li are seen talking about Bull, while Enjyu is seen talking about how they control Gray because they have Liena. After having a dream about becoming the world's best B-DaPlayer, he sets out to train but has trouble maintaining his B-Daman skills. Feeling down on himself, Mie comes in and help him by explaining the story of how she found him with Cobalt Blade and how he's destined to become a great B-DaPlayer. Afterwards Bull comes through the door back in his calmer form (Yamato not recognizing that he's the same person who challenged him) the two exchange a conversation about Cobalt Blade and Gray's origin. The two then set out to find Gray, Bull leads Yamato up a large mountain to find Gray. At the top the two are met by Gray practicing with his Chrome Zephyr. Surprising him, Yamato challenges Gray to another B-DaBattle, Gray sets the terms for a Direct Hit Battle and the battle begins. The battle begins with Yamato firing but to no avail, due to the wind at the top of the mountain. Gray then fires his B-DaBall off to the side, Yamato isn't phased due to his ignorance but the wind curves the B-DaBall and almost hits Yamato, much to his surprise. Yamato fires off a whole another round but the wind simply curves them away from Gray. Reading the wind, Gray fires two B-DaBalls at the curve directly at Yamato, but having cat like reflexes, Yamato intercepts them with direct fire. The battle continues with Gray firing curve balls and Yamato intercepting, Gray then fires them in several different directions, Yamato dodges two and intercepts the other, wearing him out. Yamato then learns to read the wind through Bull's "wind snot" and fires at Gray, much to his surprise, but as the battle advances, Yamato's arm begins to hurt due to a falling rock when they climbed up the mountain. Yamato doesn't give up and Gray is reminded of a memory of his little sister, saying he used to be like Yamato. The two then begin firing intense curve balls that are evenly matched in strength, the final two B-DaBalls collide with immense strength, after a hard fought battle the two balls fall to the stage ending the match in a draw. The two are then interrupted by Bull back in brave form, commenting on the two B-Damans' abilities and how he's going to take them. Yamato and Gray realizing that the two are one are surprised and comment on his betrayal and how this happened. Bull (now in wild form) proceeds to attack Yamato but is defended and counter attacked by Gray. This knocks Bull off the cliff but Yamato saves him from falling, much to Bull's surprise its just like when he saved him from falling on his calm form. Gray comes to help and the two pull Bull up from the cliff. The three introduce themselves and now seem to be acquainted as friends. The three return to the café and Bull explains how he can't remember anything in wild or brave form. The three converse in Yamato's room where they are interrupted and yelled at to go to sleep ending the episode.



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  • When Mie talks about how she'd heard rumors of a mysterious group, silhouettes of Enjyu, Wen, and Li appear, yet they are depicted in their at the time present day forms, whereas Mie was talking about the past when Yamato was younger, meaning they would have been younger also.