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Gray and the Blues
English (Dubbed) Gray and the Blues
English (Translated) A Friendship Torn Apart!
Japanese (Katakana) ひきさかれた友情!
Japanese (Romanised) Hikisaka reta yūjō!
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 05
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan February 02, 2004
United States April 10, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) {{{ed-theme-en}}}
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Ice to Meet You Yamato and Terry's Excellent Adventure

Gray and the Blues is the fifth episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on February 02, 2004.


The episode begins with Wen and Li's Bakurekuso formed and the battle about to begin. Gray begins to think on his and Yamato's friendship through several flashbacks interrupted by Wen's plea to continue the battle. Wen, now using Bakurekuso, the battle continues with a Direct Hit Battle. Wen fires off barrage of well aimed B-DaBalls but Yamato's clumsiness allows him to slip past their attacks until they use their mini twister ability that is able to the reverse the direction of even power shots. By using twin twisters power to speed up his shot Wen launches a power shot in the shape of a dragon that nearly hits Yamato. With the tornado defense up they can't be hit so now Wen simply fires at the pillar of ice to free Chrome Zephyr and win the battle. When Yamato fires of several shot at the ice himself he is blocked by Li's seal cards much to Yamato's displeasure, saying that they are cheating. Bull now in Brave mode gives Yamato as wide server equipment for a direct hit battle. Yamato fires off a series of power shots with the equipment but to now avail, the twister defense simply just reverses his shots. But little did everyone know Yamato used the direction of the tornado defense to reverse his power shots into the ice pillar. Now desperate, the battle turns into a battle of who can free Chrome Zephyr first, Wen and Yamato rapid firing at the pillar. Both firing simultaneous shots, Chrome Zephyr is freed and they all jump to get Chrome Zephyr, but Li uses bells to tie up Yamato and Wen grabs Chrome Zephyr winning the battle. Wen and Li then tell Yamato about Gray's allegiance to the Shadow Alliance extremely to Yamato's displeasure who thinks back on all the memories he shared with Gray, then Yamato yells out that he doesn't believe them, but Gray (due to the fact they have his sister hostage) acts as if he was fooling Yamato the whole time and challenges Yamato. This angers Yamato to the point where he almost punches Gray but is unable to do so due to the friendship he thought they shared. Gray then takes off with Wen and Li after issuing a warning to Yamato, ending the episode.



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  • Part of Gray's flashback depicts Ababa and Enjyu discussing Ababa's plans to have Wen and Li steal Cobalt Blade from Yamato in the previous episode. Since Gray was not present when they were discussing this, he technically shouldn't have seen them as part of his flashback.
  • When Yamato steps on the head of Bull's brave form to give him a boost while reaching for Chrome Zephyr, Bull's hair color doesn't change when reverting to his calm form. In the next shot however, his hair is the correct shade of bluish black.