Ice to Meet You is the fourth episode of Battle B-Daman.
Ice to Meet You


The episode begins with Grey and Yamato conversation about Wen and Li, when Yamato hears they can be found at Delta Rock he tells Grey and Bull they are going but is interrupted by Mie who says they need to do their chores. Next Enjyu and Ababa talk about Yamato's attitude and Grey's loyalty. Joining back to Yamato, Grey and Bull we find them in the middle of a frozen wastleland, much to Yamato's displeasure. Using a giant man made sling shot they fly over the gorge and Yamato his the gong of tie, this causes Grey to explain that they must reach the top of Delta Rock or it will crumble to dust. On their way up Grey shows them a shortcut to the top but are blocked by a rock wall. Inside the cave is also a large stone b-daman and a trail that leads a boulder into it, Grey figures out that they must load a giant b-daball into the the B-Daman and blast the rock wall blocking their way. Yamato casues the gaint b-da-ball to roll into the gaint B-daman, this also causes the cave start crumbling. They all try to push the launcher to shoot but to no avail, Yamato's quick thinking saves them by causing Bull to go into wld mode, with their combind strenth the push the launcher, the b-daball fires and destroys the rock wall. Through the cave they finnaly make it to the top of Delta rock where little do they know they are met by Wen and Li who cause the center of the Delta Rock to crumble, Yamato falls but is saved by bull, Wen and Li fire b-da balls at them but are intercepted by Grey. Wen and Li introduce themselves while questiong Grey's loyalty. Using their abilities they cause a large pillar of ice to rise from the broken center and seal Chrome Zephyr within it, this causes the terms of the battle where one team must free Chrome Zephyr to win the battle. The battle begins as Wen fires on Yamato to make sure he does'nt even load his b-daman, Yamato can't return fire because he cannot even maintain his balance. Grey realizes their strategy as Wen fires on Yamato and Li fires on the pillar to free Chrome Zephyr. Realizing he might lose his chance to steal Chrome Zephyr Bulll goes into brave mode and begins to defend Yamato. Li changes strategy as they both fire on Bull, Bull holds his ground for a while but Helio Breaker begins to crack. Yamato hits Bull to cause him to go into wild mode, Yamato then jumps on his back and the two race towards Wen and Li. Yamato jumps off of Bull's shoulders and sends a powershot all the way through the ice and almost hits Wen. Realizing how strong Yamato is Wen and Li combine their B-Daman to form Bakurikuso, ending the episode.


  • Yamato Delgado
  • Grey Michael Vincent
  • Bull Borgnine
  • Mie Delgado
  • Wen Yong Fa
  • Li Yong Fa
  • Enjyu
  • Ababa


  • Cobalt Blade
  • Chrome Zephyr
  • Helio Breaker
  • Rekuso
  • Bakuso
  • Stone B-Daman


  • Yamato & Bull vs. Wen & Lee


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