That's What Friends Are For

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English (Dubbed) That's What Friends Are For
English (Translated) Hashire and Yamato! A Promise Between Men!
Japanese (Katakana) 走れヤマト!男同士の約束!
Japanese (Romanised) Hashire Yamato! Otoko dōshi no yakusoku!
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 14
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan April 05, 2004
United States May 15, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) {{{ed-theme-en}}}
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That's What Friends Are For is the fourteenth episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on April 05, 2004.


In an intense battle - Terry takes on Li. Terry's B-Daman is broken and it's up to Yamato to fix it before the time runs out.



Featured B-Da Battles


  • When the B-DaMage said "From the looks of things you'd think Li was having a change of heart, but you'd be so wrong it's scary" she wasn't entirely correct in saying that statement, since Li was having a change of heart, though not to the point where he would leave the Shadow Alliance until High Stakes. It's possible that she wasn't fully unaware of Li's true feelings when she said that, or she didn't want to spoil what was going to happen in the following episodes to the audience.
  • During one of the announcements, Li's name is incorrectly pronounced as "Li Wong Fa" instead of "Li Yong Fa".



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