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Battle B-Daman Taisen Set
Batoru Biidaman Taisen Setto
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Product Code 06
Contents Cobalt Sword, Chrome Harrier, 2x Sight Shield & Attack Point, Battle Field, 20x B-Dama

The Battle B-Daman Taisen Set (Japanese: バトルビーダマン対戦セット, Batoru Biidaman Taisen Setto) is a boxed set released in the DHB & Limited Model series of the Battle B-Daman toy line. It is a combined package containing all of 01 Cobalt Sword, 02 Chrome Lancer, two P-01 Sight Shield & Attack Point kits, and a Battle Field.


Though the outer box is unique, the Battle B-Daman Taisen set contains unchanged versions of all the included kits, identical to the individual releases including their original separate manuals and sticker sheets, plus an additional 18 B-Dama above what the individual kits would have included. The intention of the set is to contain everything necessary for two players to engage in a complete DHB match in one box, serving as a convenient "starter kit" for basic DHB Series competitive gameplay.


  • 1x Cobalt Sword kit
  • 1x Chrome Lancer kit
  • 2x Sight Shield & Attack Point kits
  • 1x Battle Field
  • 20x B-Dama


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