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The Battle B-Daman Zero Posing Figures (Japanese: バトルビーダマンゼロポージングフィギュア) were 6 miniature figures that were made and released by Takara in April 2005 for the Battle B-Daman series. They differ from the Mini-B series because they are slightly smaller and cannot fire B-Dama. Could be bought individually or were also packaged in a large random 10 pack. All box packagings are the same despite having different characters inside them.

Battle B-Daman Zero Posing Figures
Mini box

List of B-Damans[]

Contents of Box[]

  • One figurine
  • One black flat-stand
  • One small card depicting the B-Daman and its owner
  • One piece of Takara candy.


The cards each figure came with could be inserted into a slot on the flat-stand, so that the figure has a base to stand on and the card sits in its background. Each card also provides stats on each of the B-Daman, including things such as their height and weight. Each figure is approximately 3x4cm.

NOTE: All candies that come with the figures should be thrown away as they have long since expired.