Battle Crow is a single appearance character in Battle B-Daman.

Battle Crow
Basic Information
Hair Black (Feathers)
Eyes Yellow
Age Ageless
Occupation *B-Da Player
  • Shadow Alliance Agent
B-Daman Crow Custom
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor {{{EngVoice}}}


Battle Crow is a living breathing large scale crow. He is a B-Dabattler of the Shadow Alliance.


Battle Crow is seen at the B-Coliseum defeating and stealing B-Daman from innocent battlers. He is challenged by Yamato and Crow badly underestimate Yamato's power at first, but after a scan, he see's Yamato is a powerful battler after all. He continues to try to get Yamato to leave but after a series of insults, he accepts his challenge and the two face off. The battle was intercepted by Grey when he was preparing to battle showing his envious feelings towards Grey. He was defeated by Yamato after taunting him about destroying the B-Coliseum.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Outcome Battle Type
Anonymous Battlers Win DHB
Yamato Delgado Lose DHB



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