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Battle Field
DHB 03 Battle Field assembled
Product Code 03
Contents Walls, shooting area sheets

The Battle Field (Japanese: バトルフィールド, Batorufiirudo) is a play field released in the DHB & Limited Model series, intended as a venue for DHB matches.


The Battle Field comprises a set of simple plastic walls arranged into a long rectangle, with short cardboard floors at each end defining a "shooting area" with in which each respectively player's B-Daman must remain during gameplay. The field is specifically intended for Direct Hit Battle matches in which the goal is to hit the attack point on the opponent's B-Daman, and thus no other targets are featured. No floor panel is included for the space between the shooting areas, and so the surface the Battle Field is placed on will form the center surface of the play area.


  • 10x Wall sections
  • 6x Straight wall connectors
  • 4x Corner wall connectors
  • 2x Shooting Area cardboard sheets



  • Identical wall sections and wall connectors, or slight retools thereof, have been released in various colourways in multiple B-Daman play field sets over time going all the way back to super B-Daman, including the Battle Colosseum, 10 Game Tournament Set, and Twin Dragon Tournament Set
  • Although the default configuration is a rectangle four sections long and one section wide, the wall sections are all identical and use the same connection point for both straight and corner connectors. As a result it is possible to reconfigure the field into various rectangular dimensions, as well as to combine multiple sets of wall sections and connectors to make larger fields.
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