English Voice Actor Unknown
Hair Brown
Eyes Unknown
Age 10
Occupation Inventor
Non Battle Character

Bears is a character that briefly appears in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!.

Appearance and Personality

Bears is a 10 year old boy with brown hair and consealed eyes. He wears large glasses and lacks a nose. He wears a long tan sleaved shirt with a green overcoat. He also wears a large bookbag where he keeps all of his equiptment. Bears aspires to be a great B-Daman inventor and is very passionate about B-Daman.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Bears debuts in Battle B-Daman when he goes to the B-Factory in search of way to produce his new B-Daman DHB System. He is accepted into the factory and is immediately taken into consideration for a new system. At first Armada tells him that the system is unbalanced and needed tweeks so he takes Bears under his wing to work on it. Bears works with several B-Factory workers to created the DHB Advance Core system for the Winners Tournament. When Yamato stops by the B-Factory his Cobalt Saber Fire is modified for DHB Advance Core and he practices against Bears. Bears has the advantage at first due to Yamato's ignorance to the battle type but experience over knowledge won him the match. Satisfied with the new system, Armada declares it official and that it will be at the winners tournament.

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