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Berkhart is a recurring character in Battle B-Daman.


Berkhart is one of Yamato's friends. He lives in Flint, a desert country, with his four brothers and is very poor. He is usually seen in the casual wear of an average Flint villager. Berkhart is very kind, but is also brave and fierce when it comes to his friends and family.


  • Berkhart is 146cm tall and weighs 35kg.
  • His blood type is A.
  • His birthday is on January 29th, sharing the same birthday as Bull.
  • Berkhart's new B-Daman is a custom variation of Proto One.
  • It is unexplained how Berkhart managed to get into the IBA Winners Tournament. Since Yamato and Castieo were tied for 16th place of the B-DaPlayers qualifying, Berkhart would have had to have gotten a higher placing to make the cut. This can be reconciled if it's assumed that Berkhart was using better parts for his B-Daman at the time, though it is unexplained whether or not this is the case.
  • His B-DaBalls are medium blue and match the B-DaBall picture on his hat.
  • Berkhart, Mickey Mookers, Sae, and the Green Bug Man are the only named B-DaPlayers not to make it into the Elite Eight or the Semi-Finals that did not make a cameo appearance in the episode "For A Few B-DaBalls More".

Battle B-Daman

During the IBA Winners Tournament, Yamato wanders off while inside a desert village and meets Berkhart. When Yamato comments on his old B-Daman his brothers beat up on him, Berkhart tries to stop them but Yamato becomes angry and challenges him to a battle. He then introduces himself as Berkhart of the Desert People and their battle begins, but is interrupted when his rusty B-Daman breaks apart. After his brothers head out to find the merchant who sold them shoddy parts, he, Terry, Yamato and Armada get acquainted when he reveals that he had wanted to compete in the IBA Winners Tournament but needed an updated B-Daman. He told them that he and his brothers saved up enough to go to the black market and buy B-Daman Parts to update his B-Daman, through this story Yamato and he become friends. It is later revealed that the parts were bought from a merchant shop run by Shadow Alliance members. Yamato and Berkhart find the shop and the Shadow Alliance shop owner Monkey Don, is challenged by the former. With Berkhart's help against the Shadow Alliance member's dirty tricks, Yamato defeats Monkey Don and wins their money back.

Berkhart later receives a newly-built B-Daman from Yamato and his brothers and then vows to live up to his brothers' beliefs in him and competes in the IBA Winners Tournament. His Semi-Final match is against the Shadow Alliance ace Enjyu. Without his knowing, Berkhart's different B-Daman put him at a huge disadvantage due to its incapabilities, but he knew this and never said a word. Berkhart loses his balance and falls, he hangs on but is discouraged by the crowd booing that is interrupted by Yamato who reencourages Berkhart to battle. Berkhart refuses to give up and power shots his way to victory, but to no avail when Enjyu uses his Kahn Crush to destroy Berkhart's B-Daman and his chances of winning. But Berkhart wasn't discouraged and thanks his brothers for his B-Daman. Berkhart returns to help Yamato and Gray defeat a Third Eye-enhanced News and Salz.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Berkhart and his brothers appear in the audience to cheer on Yamato's team during their final battle with B-Deus.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent/Challenge Outcome/Score Battle Type
IBA Qualifying Round Qualified (Offscreen) Shoot the Gap
Yamato Delgado No Result Direct Hit Battle
Enjyu Lose B-Daman Invasion
News and Salz (tag w/ Yamato, Gray, Wen, Li, and Sigma Win Direct Hit Battle


Battle B-Daman