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Black Knight (Japanese: ブラックナイト, Burakko Naito) is Cain McDonnell's second B-Daman in the Battle B-Daman anime. It is a Control-Type (DHB-Type for the Takara version) Zero System B-Daman first released in Japan in June 2004, and sold for 680円.

IBA Body and Armor

Black Knight has a grayish IBA Body with black arms and feet.

Head Armor and Visor: Knight Mask and Sight Head

The Sight Head is designed like the feathered plume seen on a knight's helmet, and as the name indicates, is used for an aiming sight. The Knight Mask is a Visor designed after those worn by knights on their helmets, and has a set of two horizontal slots. For Black Knight, the colors are black, red, and gold.

Shoulder Armor: Black Shoulder

These black and gold-colored Shoulder Armor pieces are unique to Black Knight, and are broad and wide, with studs meant to resemble jewels.

Foot Armor: Foot Mail

Each piece of this Foot Armor is designed like a sabaton, with a pointed tip angling upwards at the end.

Wing Armor: Roller Wings

The Roller Wings are two large wings, each with a small roller in the tip. True to their name, they are meant to improve maneuverability, but the effect could only work properly if the rollers are not crooked.


As with most other IBA Body skeletons, the Core is non-interchangeable. It features a set of two black Basic Hold Parts and Basic Trigger.

Other Versions

  • Black Knight Crystal Ver. - Tournament prize. Clear black coloration and comes with standard decals.
  • Black Knight Zero 2 Ver. - Limited Zero 2 variant with a black Delta Core, clear armor and IBA skeleton with metallic decals. Tournament prize given out at competitions held at AEON Co., Ltd. shopping mall locations.
  • Lava Knight - Hasbro-exclusive, electronic DHB blaster.


  • The only Armor pieces it shares with Knight Cavalry are the Foot Mail, Knight Mask and Sight Head. All other components are unique to this B-Daman.

Battle B-Daman

Cain McDonnell received Black Knight sometime before he devised his plan to destroy Cobalt Blade. After destroying Knight Cavalry, he revealed Black Knight as its replacement, and uses it to damage Cobalt Blade badly. This battle shows off Black Knight's amazing combination of power, speed and most of all, control, being able to easily dodge and return fire. Black Knight was next used to easily defeat Terry and Wen, and was used to battle Gray. Black Knight was eventually deemed obsolete by Cain, and he destroyed it with his new B-Daman, Lord Cavalry.