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Blazing Kahn (Japanese: ブレイジングカイザー, Bureijingu Kaizaa, Blazing Kaiser) is an Accuracy-Type (Power-Type in Japan) Blaster Core System B-Daman that belongs to Enjyu, and the upgraded form of Lightning Kahn. It was first released in Japan in August 2004, and sold for 680円.

Skeleton and Armor

Blazing Kahn uses a black skeleton with purple arms and legs.

Head Armor and Visor: Blazing Sight and Blazing Super Visor

These two pieces form the redesign of the original Lightning Kahn's Helmet, featuring black rubber tips and new lightning-bolt designs.

Shoulder Armor: Power Shoulder

Taking the place of the older Power Buckle, the new Power Shoulder is purple with lightning bolt-like designs in yellowish-green, yellow, and red. It takes up both spaces for the shoulder areas, and buckle area. The Power Shoulder's purpose; the squeeze in the upper Hold Parts of the Delta Core for increased power. It also has a set of six black rubber claws, with three jutting from each side of the Shoulder, and they can be used as grips for holding the B-Daman. Also jutting from the front area and rear are four more rubber spikes, two on each end. They are designed in such a way that they are also compatible with the Balance Core and Long Core

Foot Armor: Blazing Foot

A reimagining of the previous Foot Armor, the Blazing Foot parts feature black rubber toes for excellent grip on the playing field floor.

Delta Core

Blazing Kahn has a black Delta Core with three yellowish-green Hold Parts and Trigger.

Other Versions


  • The B-Daman's product number in the Japanese version, which is 68, is coincidentally the value of Lightning Kahn's product number, which is 34, multiplied by 2.
  • Blazing Kaiser Volcanic Form is exactly the same recolor as Cobalt Saber Shining Form, highlighting the history between these two B-Daman as brothers.

Battle B-Daman

Blazing Kahn is the second Blaster Core B-Daman in existence, created by Ababa and Marda B after stealing the encoded layout of Cobalt Saber. Enjyu used it against Cobalt Saber, but was defeated due to Yamato's superior skills. Blazing Kahn was later used to easily defeat some of the Long Horn Gang members, to help Yamato and Gray.


Battle B-Daman