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Blazing Kaiser Yamato Ver. (Japanese: ブレイジングカイザー大和バージョン, Bureijingu Kaizaa Yamato Baajiyon) is a Power-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman. It was released only in Japan in December 2004, and can only be obtained from Fukubako 2005 as the "Rare" B-Daman.

Skeleton & Armor[]

This rare version of Blazing Kahn features a clear skeleton.

Head Armor and Visor: Blazing Sight & Blazing Super Visor[]

These renditions of the Blazing Sight and Blazing Super Visor feature a clear blue coloration, along with flame designs and Cobalt Saber-style anime-eyes in the Super Visor, in addition to clear red rubber tips instead of black.

Shoulder Armor: Power Shoulder[]

A re-color of the Power Shoulder in clear blue with flame designs and the black parts now in clear red.

Foot Armor: Blazing Foot[]

Instead of purple and black, this rendition of the Blazing Foot pieces are clear blue and red.

Wing Armor: Saber Wing[]

A clear red coloration of the Saber Wing, which was first seen in Cobalt Saber.

Delta Core[]

This Delta Core is a solid orange much like Cobalt Saber's core, and with a set of three Hold Parts. It's trigger and arm bands are also a solid orange.

Bearing Foot[]

When this B-Daman is obtained, a clear blue Bearing Foot piece also comes with it. This piece provides a fair amount of surface area in both the front and rear areas. Inside the rear area of the Bearing Foot is a set of metal ball bearings, allowing the user equipped with this piece to rotate the B-Daman in full 360 degrees and provides excellent control.