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Blitz Garuda (Japanese: ブリッツガルーダ, Burittsu Garuuda) is a Rapid Fire/Rush-Type 3 Block Gear System B-Daman belonging to Konta Tsukino. It was released in Japan in December 29, 2005, and sold for 840円.

Core B-Daman Block: Garuda[]

  • Power: 1

Garuda has a yellow colored body, with two white Hold Parts in its core. On the Hold Parts are a pair of rollers for smooth, rapid-fire shots.

Grip Block: Trigger Grip B[]

  • Gear: Normal
  • Cover: Flat

Trigger Grip B is blue with white parts and a trigger, along with a gold-colored arrowhead-like design formed from three smaller ones.

Barrel Block: .67 Middle Barrel[]

  • Power: 1
  • Control: 2

This Barrel Block is blue, with a design similar to Magnum Ifrit's .67 Short Barrel, but rounded and is a mid-length component.

Other Versions[]

  • Blitz Garuda Special Clear Ver. - Clear yellow Garuda Core B-Daman Block with a clear helm, clear blue Flat Cover Parts, and a clear black .67 Middle Barrel. Distributed as a tournament prize.
  • Blitz Garuda Red/Blue Ver. - distributed as a tournament prize in local-level events.[1]


Crash B-Daman (anime)[]

Blitz Garuda is first used by Konta Tsukino, when he helped Hitto train for his rematch with Hinzo. Blitz Gaurda was next used to rescue a girl's plush bunny from flying too high on a balloon. This showed his and Blitz Garuda's great accuracy, because Hitto and Magnum Ifrit could not hit it with an entire clip of marbles. Blitz Garuda and Magnum Ifrit are teamed up to defeat Team Black Horse, with the help of Kodoh Kuraki and his Rave Pegasus.