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[[Category:]]Blizzard is a B-Daman exclusive to the Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits video game.

Body Set: SETNAME[]

Head Part[]

Emblem Parts[]

Stud Parts[]

Arm Parts[]

Leg Part[]

Core Part: CORENAME[]

Load 2
Rapid Fire 34
Power 169
Accuracy 122
Defence 148
Agility 80
Handling 56
Weight 87

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! (Video Game)[]

Blizzard first appeared after the destroyed Disguise reacted to Yamato's B-Daspirit reviving it as Blizzard.




Blizzard shares some similarities with Spirit Dragon:

  • both are game exclusive B-Damans (Spirit Dragon is exclusive to Battle B-Daman (Video Game) and Blizzard is exclusive to Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! (Video Game).)
  • both are a pure version of the B-Daman that the main antagonist of their respective game (Death, Badmada and Joker) that Yamato gets (Spirit Dragon is Skull Dragon's pure version and Blizzard is Disguise's pure version.)