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Boost Magnum Armor
Buusuto Magunamu Aamaa
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Product Code 48
Contents Boost Foot, Shoulder Grips

The Boost Magnum Armor (Japanese: ブーストマグナムアーマー, Buusuto Magunamu Aamaa) is an Advanced Armor set released as product 48 in the Zero Series, the second sub-line in the greater Battle B-Daman series.

It is a power-oriented equipment set that allows a player to increase the power of their shots by rolling the equipped B-Daman forward quickly while shooting, as well as both helping to keep the rolling motion aligned along a straight path and causing literal sparks to fly from the heels of the B-Daman during the shot.

The set was released with the intent of allowing players to replicate the "Boost Magnum" signature move performed by Daiwa Yamato, the main character of the Battle B-Daman anime series. A set of Boost Magnum Armor with a yellow color scheme was also featured in the series as the default equipment of the Armada Special used by Bull Borgnine.

As a Zero series Advanced Armor set, it is compatible with B-Daman Zero and B-Daman Zero 2 bodies.


The Boost Magnum Armor is composed of two parts: the Boost Foot and the Shoulder Grips.

The Boost Foot is the primary component, which gives the Armor its main functionality. It consists of a large block that replaces the feet of the B-Daman equipped with it, as well as having posts that slot into the backpack hardpoints on the B-Daman's hold parts. The underside of the block features four forward-facing wheels: two small free-rolling plastic wheels at the front, and two very large wheels with rubber tires at the rear. These larger wheels are not free-rolling, but are instead connected to an internal gear system that rotates a flint wheel. A red cap on the top of the Boost Magnum covers a pair of tiny springs that hold two hard metal rods against the flint. As a result, if the Boost Foot is rolled quickly forward across a surface with sufficient friction, the movement of the wheels will also quickly rotate the flint and the rods will be dragged across the flint causing sparks to emit from open slots in the rear housing of the Boost Foot. Additionally, the rigidity of the gear system combined with the grip of the rubber tires causes the Boost Foot to restrict the rolling motion to a relatively straight path.

The Shoulder Grips are equipped to the shoulder hardpoints like any other shoulder armor. They feature particularly wide, thick horizontal extensions that provide a substantial grip surface. Additionally, the connection is enhanced with a claw shape that grips the arm pegs for a more secure hold. The shape of the underside extends far enough to the rear to rest against the alignment tabs next to the hold part housing, providing a consistent rest position for the arms while the Shoulder Grips are equipped.

The intended function is for the player to roll the B-Daman forward quickly while shooting, with the Shoulder Grips giving a more secure hold, and the Boost Foot's grip tires helping to keep the motion aligned along a straight axis. This forward motion will be transferred to the marble, resulting in a more powerful shot. Meanwhile, the sparking gimmick of the Boost Foot will provide a dramatic visual effect of sparks coming from the B-Daman's heels as it fires.


  • Boost Foot
  • Shoulder Grips (left and right)


  • A grey version of the Boost Magnum Armor with foil stickers was released as part of the Zero Customize Set 2, including both the Boost Foot and Shoulder Grip components of the set.



  • Although prominently featured as part of the Armada Special in the anime, the Boost Magnum Armor was never released in the yellow colorway depicted on that B-Daman.
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