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Break Bomber Battle Stadium
Product Code None
Price 40,000 원
B-Daman Included Loading=Diles
DHB Cobalt Blade
Version-Up Parts Included None
No. of B-Dama 20
Release Dates
Japan N/A
English N/A

The Break Bomber Battle Stadium (Korean: 브레이크 봄버 배틀 스타디움) is a Sonokong-exclusive set released under their Cross Fight B-Daman toyline sometime in 2012.




  • Loading=Diles
  • DHB Cobalt Blade
  • Break Bomber game piece (red with black walls)
  • B-Daman Tournament Set play field
  • Six EZ Targets (three semi-translucent blue, three semi-translucent black)
  • Battle Puck (grey)
  • Twenty, glass B-Dama

What is interesting about this set is that Sonokong decided to package a DHB Cobalt Blade, B-Daman Tournament Set and Battle Puck in a Cross Fight B-Daman product, despite the aforementioned items being foreign to it.

Although unrelated, the B-Daman Tournament Set works perfectly for Cross Fight play; specifically the game of Break Bomber. Unlike Hasbro's iteration of it however, the walls are now thinner and black; perfectly so that they can now fit solidly with the multitude of holes present on the B-Daman Tournament Set play field, which has now adopted a crimson colour scheme.


The four different types of BATTLE options.

Other than the usual game of Break Bomber, three other game modes with a "BATTLE" heading are promoted. They are as follows:

  • BATTLE 1: A Break Bomber match to become the first B-Der to knock 3/5 red blocks in the Break Bomber game piece onto your opponent's territory just as they do the same to you.
  • BATTLE 2: Use an extra black hole to cover a large portion of the shooting area; designed to provide a challenge of using one's B-Dama to traverse it.
  • BATTLE 3: Utilize the B-Dama to knock all EZ Targets in this target challenge.
  • BATTLE 4: Two players go head-to-head as they continually barrage B-Dama targeted at the Battle Puck in order to bring it into their opponent's field of play.



Sonokong "Break Bomber Battle Stadium" Commercial