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Burning Atlas (Japanese: アトラスバーニング, Baaningu Atorasu) is a Power-Type Plug-In System B-Daman, used by Tokio Gamō in the Super B-Daman manga. It was released in May 1999 in Japan for 780円.

PI Frame []

Burning Atlas has a unique PI Frame with an irremovable head. Of course, one can still attach the PI Arms and Foot pieces to it. It also has two black Hold Parts, as well as the head, whose design is reminiscent of a Gundam with no v-fin. It also has a green visor, along with the number 21 on its temples, and on each side is a stylzed red capital "A".

PI Arms[]

Similar to Nautilus Poseidon, Burning Atlas' PI Arms has no pads for squeezing in the Hold Parts. Other than that, they are bulky, with yellow and light blue-and-black designs.

PI Foot[]

This unique PI Foot piece is bulky in design, convering a fair amount of surface area. On the rear is a slope that partly contributes to the B-Daman's Vertical Shot System (see below), as it provides a ramp B-Dama fired by the vertical trigger, either in single or triple-bursts.

Vertical Shot System[]

The defining feature of this B-Daman, the Vertical Shot System features a Vertical Trigger that can be pushed down to force B-Dama down the PI Foot's slope and through the Hold Parts. It can be adjusted to shoot B-Dama in either Single-Shot or Triple-Shot Mode. In Triple-Shot Mode, the user can pound the Vertical Trigger with enough force to fire a three-marble burst from the B-Daman. The Vertical Trigger is mounted behind the head, making it impossible to load B-Dama or equip magazines from there. To compensate for this flaw, the Vertical Shot System comes with a Side Server. On it is a rectangular yellow sticker with the JBA's initials with the number "PI-21-4B", in addition to a red line design.

Super B-Daman (manga)[]





  • The only other B-Daman to possess the vertical trigger method is Hammer Jemini from the Revolution System.
  • Burning Atlas, along with certain other B-Daman in the Super B-Daman toyline are named after mythological figures from ancient Greece.

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