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From the Pen-B System to the Core Change System, the toys in the B-Daman Crossfire toyline each used a Color Bit Code (Japanese: カラービットコード, Karābittokōdo) or CBC for short, for use on the B-Ta 1Go Gan Gan Hobby Machine.

PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to the Takara-Tomy toys, whereas the Hasbro versions use QR codes. In addition, products from CB-50 onwards do not use these codes, thus they are unusable on the B-Ta 1Go arcade machine. WBMA Proto 01 is also unusable on the arcade game, due to a lack of a CBC code.


Each toy (B-Daman Body Sets, Tune-Up Gear, Core Parts, Custom Mail, etc.), comes with an 18-bit 1D color bit code, and each code has data encoded in the color transition. This data can be used on the B-Ta 1Go arcade machine, for using a virtual version of the toys in-game. On a B-Daman's Body Set, the Head Part has a Color Bit Code that represents the entire Body Set in the B-Ta 1Go game, no matter what other Arm Parts are used. However, the Color Bit Codes for Core Change System B-Damans cannot be used on the arcade game without the B-Ta 1Go Connection Parts, which can be attached on the bottom area of the Core Part.

  • Example: One has a Thunder Dracyan, and it is equipped with the Straight Barrel and a Power Manteau, and that person is using this customization on the arcade machine. When the B-Daman, along with the Tune-Up Gear pieces have their CBC codes scanned and verified by the machine's Scan Eye, a virtual, in-game version of the customization can be used.

List of B-Daman Crossfire Products w/ CBC numbers[]

NOTE: For the purposes of making an organized and thorough list, the CBC codes for the Body Sets and Core Parts are kept separate.

Pen-B System B-Damans[]

Core Change System Body Sets[]

Tune-Up Gear[]

Core Parts[]

Custom Mail[]

  • Hero Armor (White), CBC-128
  • Hero Armor (Silver), CBC-129
  • Hero Armor (Clear White), CBC-130
  • Hero Z Armor, CBC-132
  • Golden Armor, CBC-133
  • Hero Armor (Clear Black), CBC-134
  • Saturn Armor (Black), CBC-136
  • Saturn Armor (Clear Black), CBC-138
  • Ice Armor (Ice Blue), CBC-144
  • Flame Armor (Orange), CBC-160
  • Red Armor (Red), CBC-168
  • Red Armor (Clear Red), CBC-169
  • Blue Armor (Blue), CBC-170
  • Blue Armor (Clear Blue), CBC-171
  • Pole Armor, CBC-184

More to come


  • The Color Bit Code technology was invented at B. CORE, Inc. by a team of developers lead by Chetan Arora, a member of the Indian Institute of Technology's (IIT) Department of Computer Science.