Captain Fin is a single appearance character in Battle B-Daman

Captain Fin
Captain Fin
English Voice Actor David Wittenberg
Hair Orange
Eyes Black
Age 39
Occupation Shipping Captain
Non Battle Character

Battle B-Daman

Captain Fin is the pirate captain of a ship that Yamato, Bull, Grey and Terry stowed away on. He is a tall man with orange hair. He was originally going to throw them overboard but he changed his mind when Grey warns him of a coming storm. Everyone of Captain Fin's crew members are marked with a different letter on their head. He appoints Grey as the navigator of his ship and the rest of them as cleaners to swab the poop-deck. He takes a licking to Grey and jokes around with him about joining his group. It turns out that Captain Fin has a son that decided to become a B-Da Player instead of a pirate much to Captain Fin's disliking. His son is next seen attacking Captain Fin's ship while under the control of Marda B. It is revealed that Captain Fin's ship and crew is actually a shipping company for B-Daman parts.



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