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The Cartridge System (Japanese: カートリッジシステム, Kaatoriji Shisutemu) is the final parts system in Battle B-Daman, succeeding the Blaster Core System. It started with the release of Cobalt Blaster on July 21st, 2005 in Japan.


The B-Daman in the Cartridge System consist of these six parts;

Cartridge Body[]

The base component to which the Armor and Cartridge Trigger can attach, acting as the Skeleton. It also has the Hold Parts, forming the business end of the firing system.

Cartridge Helmet[]

The head of the Cartridge Armor, which attaches to the front of the uppermost area of the Cartridge Body.

Cartridge Arms[]

The Cartridge Arms attach to the sides of the Body. Each piece condenses the arm, shoulder, and hand all into one.

Cartridge Foot[]

Instead of a pair of separate, articulate feet, the Cartridge Foot is a singular piece with both feet on it. Non-articulate, but adds a degree frontward stability. Attaches to the bottom of the Cartridge Body, also boasting a piece for holding the Cartridge Trigger together.

Cartridge Trigger[]

This piece forms the other half of the firing system. It features a long Trigger, and a sliding mechanism for changing between normal shots and Cartridge Shots (See below). Attaches to the rear of the Cartridge Body, and held by a piece on the Cartridge Foot.

NOTE: Some B-Daman come with a Magazine, Barrel extension, or even a gimmick in the Arms.

Cartridge Shots[]

Another main aspect of the Cartridge System, is the ability to fire two B-Dama at the same time with a single push of the Trigger. To achieve this, a piece resembling a bullet casing called a Cartridge is fitted with two B-Dama (one regular and one Strike Shot, and vice-versa). It is then placed on the Cartridge Trigger's sliding mechanism, put into position for firing. The Trigger has to be especially long for firing Cartridge Shots.

List of B-Daman in the Cartridge System[]