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Caution Buster (Japanese: シャドウバスター, Shadoubasutā, Shadow Buster) is a Control/Accuracy-Type Zero System B-Daman and a cross between Bakuso and Wing Ninja. It was first released in Japan in April 2004, and had an international release in 2005.

IBA Body and Armor[]

Caution Buster comes as a complete B-Daman in the Hasbro version of the toyline, featuring a black IBA Body skeleton.

Head Armor and Visor: Helmet[]

The Helmet (Yokueimaru Visor in Japan) has an avian kind of design with vented areas pointing backwards making it look more like a cat or a fox, along with a black visor with blue eyes.

Shoulder Armor: Eagle Shoulder[]

The Eagle Shoulder (Wing Shoulder in Japan) pieces are each of a pronounced half-trapezoid shape, with blue triangular designs and segmented red ones along the rims.

Wrist Armor: Assault Claws[]

The Assault Claws (Dragon Claws in Japan) harbor a dragon motif; in this case two sharp claws for each of the arms of the IBA Body. These claws are molded onto a square-shaped pad which is inserted into the fists of the IBA Body. They can provide better grip in that two fingers of one can be pressed above each Claw for an easier hold. For Caution Buster, they are positioned so that the claws are pointed backwards from the elbows.

Flight Buckler[]

It is a simple buckle piece (known as the Breast Guard in Japan) that only adds to the B-Daman's aesthetic, nothing too special.

Foot Armor: Shadow Talon[]

This two-clawed Foot Armor (known as the Hook Claw in Japan) serve to add a bit of stability, but the effect may be negligible due to articulation of the feet.

Barrel: Focus Barrel[]

The Focus Barrel (Plate Barrel Armor in Japan) features two segmented plates and one smaller one on a base, that can be attached to the front of the Core to compress shots into a straight line for accuracy.


As with any Zero System skeleton, its Core cannot be interchanged. It features a goldenrod Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts for the Hasbro version.

Product Differences[]

The Takara version was sold as the armor only, with each component colored in orange, except for the Foot Armor, which was molded in white, along with the tips of the Helmet. The back of the packaging for this version recommends a black IBA Body skeleton with gray Hold Parts and trigger.

The Hasbro version differs greatly only in terms of color scheme and decals to its Japanese counterpart, and is a complete B-Daman due to the inclusion of an IBA Body skeleton. Its armor components are all molded in white. Only the rubber feet and ear tips of this B-Daman are molded in black. The IBA Body skeleton comes as black with goldenrod Basic Hold Parts and Basic Trigger. It also comes packaged with a gray target pin and a special printed B-DaBall.