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Chrome Harrier (Japanese: クロムハリアー, Kuromu Hariaa) is a Rapid Fire-Type Cartridge System B-Daman owned by Gray. It was released on July 21st, 2005 in Japan for 800円.

Cartridge Armor[]

Cartridge Helmet: Harrier Sight[]

Harrier Magazine[]

Bust Barrel[]

Cartridge Arms: Cross Arms[]

Cartridge Foot: Narrow Foot[]

Cartridge Body: Drive Body[]

Cartridge Trigger[]

Other Versions[]

  • Chrome Harrier Blue Clear Ver. - World Hobby Fair (WHF) Exclusive
  • Chrome Harrier Red Crystal Ver. - Tournament prize/Taiwan Exclusive. Clear scarlet red coloration with metallic decals and 2 clear red Strike Shots.
  • Dress-Up Stickers Chrome Harrier
  • Chrome Harrier White Ver. - Came packaged with the G-17 Deadly Sphere Battle Colosseum. ToysRUs Japan exclusive.


  • The bodily color scheme on Chrome Harrier is reversed, compared to the previous B-Daman before it.
  • While it is a Rapid Fire-Type, Chrome Harrier is more power-intensive, due to the use of a Drive Body.