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Chrome Raven Cyclone (Japanese: クロムレヴァンサイクロン, Kuromu Revaan Saikuronu, Chrome Levan Cyclone) is a Control-Type (Rapid Fire-Type in Japan) B-Daman, and the third B-Daman owned by Gray Michael Vincent. It was released in Japan in January 2005, and sold for 1029円, along with a pack-in Speed Shot.

Skeleton and Armor

Chrome Raven Cyclone features an dark gray skeleton with black arms and feet.

Head Armor and Visor: Raven Visor

A redesign of the previous Raven Visor, this one features a red line visor instead of the yellow, along with a series of new designs.

Chrome Guard

This simple piece mounts above the Core, and in front of the mouth plate area of the head.

Shoulder Armor: One Hand Shoulder and Shield Shoulder

Taking the place of the older One Hand Wing is an all-new One Hand Shoulder, which features a grip handle for one-handed maneuvering and firing, allowing you to use a free hand for reloading. The Shield Shoulder is a removable piece that can be used for target practice, similar to Proto One's Target Shield.

Arms: Chrome Arm

These pieces function similarly to Cobalt Saber Fire's Fire Shields, but of a streamlined design. They are designed to resemble the foot part of Chrome Zephyr.

Foot Armor: Chrome Foot

Essentially a redesign of the original Chrome Raven's Chrome Foot, with more of a boot-like appearance.

Bearing Core

An upgraded variation of the Roller Core, featuring a Delta-style Hold Part layout with a roller on each one, with a specialty-sized NSK ball bearing as the bottom roller, for smooth, powerful, rapid-fire bursts of B-Dama.

Other Versions

  • Chrome Raven Cyclone Clear Ver. - Clear recolor distributed as a tournament prize. Comes included with a set of clear black Chrome Shoulder pieces.
  • Oak Raven - A recolor that is only featured in the Fire Spirits! GBA game.
  • Chrome Raven Cyclone Limited Edition - ToysRUs Japan exclusive. Yellow, white, blue, and red color scheme.


  • It is possible to create a Bearing Core that has three NSK bearings acting as the rollers on all three of its Hold Parts, by obtaining more than one Chrome Raven Cyclone.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Chrome Raven Cyclone debuted with Gray, when he used it to complete the Speed Strike Shot challenge, earning him the Speed Shot. After Gray is challenged by Haja for the Speed Shot, he uses Chrome Raven Cyclone to defeat him, and then blow him away with the Cyclone Sonic attack using the Speed Shot.

Gray would use Chrome Raven Cyclone again to challenge Enjyu, in order to stop him from participating in underground B-DaBattles. In the first round, Enjyu won due to his advanced knowledge of the cage. In the second round, Gray used his Speed Shot in the Cyclone Sonic move to win. In the third and final match, Gray almost uses his Speed Shot, but is interrupted when Enjyu's rage explodes and hits the bar past Gray's zone. Even though Gray was defeated, Enjyu severed his ties with the underground, making the former's fight worthwhile.