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This article is about the B-Daman. You may be looking for the episode.

Cobalt Saber (Japanese: コバルトセイバー, Kobaruto Seibaa) is a Power-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman, and the second B-Daman owned in the Battle B-Daman anime by Yamato Delgado. It was released in Japan on August 22nd, 2004, and sold for 680円.

Skeleton and Armor

Cobalt Saber features a white skeleton.

Head Armor: Saber Visor and Saber Sight

The Saber Visor is an upgrade to the Cobalt Visor, with those distinctive anime eyes in a new, blue background. The Saber Sight is a redesign of the original Cobalt Power Blade.

Shoulder Armor: Cobalt Shoulder

Though a redesign of the Cobalt Pads, the cosmetic purposes of the Cobalt Shoulder remain the same.

Wrist Armor: Gun Shield

Similar to Cobalt Blade's Gauntlets, the Gun Shield pieces are just there for weight distribution and just making the B-Daman look cool.

Foot Armor: Cobalt Foot

Not to be confused with the original's, this is a redesign of the Cobalt Foot.

Wing Armor: Saber Wing

The Saber Wing is an updated version of the original Cobalt Power Wing featuring four wings, with two larger ones that can be folded inward or positioned outward. When the outer wings are outward, the upper Hold Parts of the Delta Core (see below) are squeezed in for an increase in power.

Delta Core

The Delta Core is a Power-Type Core with a set of three Hold Parts in a triangular formation. It is colored in white with red/orange Hold Parts, in addition to blue stickers.

Other Versions

  • Cobalt Saber Crystal Ver. - Tournament prize. Clear red skeleton and armor.
  • Cobalt Saber Limited Edition Ver. - Clear red skeleton and armor, packaged with a special target pin.
  • Cobalt Saber Shining Form - Exclusive to the Super Ultimate Shooting Set. Clear orange skeleton with clear red armor and gold-colored stickers.
  • Cobalt Saber Enjyu Ver. - Fukubako 2005, recolor with Blazing Kahn's color scheme, Sight Arm Barrel, and Long Core.

Battle B-Daman (Anime)

Cobalt Saber was created as the evolution of Cobalt Blade, after it was destroyed by the traitorous Cain McDonnell. Armada designed it, after it was discovered that the rest of Cobalt Blade's energy was stored within its Cobalt Power Blade. Cobalt Blade had to be rebuilt in one night for Yamato's next match the next day. Everybody pitched in, including Yamato, and they successfully created the basic layout for Cobalt Saber. It was completed in the heat of battle using the remaining energy within Cobalt Blade's horn. Yamato and Cobalt Saber become one battler, when the former was facing Gray in the Power Alley challenge. Cobalt Saber unlocked deepened power, when it was able to highly increase the strength of its improved Cobalt Power Blast.


  • Cobalt Saber being the incomplete form of Cobalt Saber Fire (in the manga) is similar to Combat Phoenix being incomplete without the Mega Cannon Wing when it was first built.
  • Cobalt Saber Shining Form, exclusive to the Super Ultimate Shooting Set, is the toy version of the powered-up Cobalt Saber that appears in "They Call Me Yamato". Here, Yamato unlocks the last of his power with Cobalt Saber, and during his usual power shot, Cobalt Saber changes to a deep, semi-translucent red and orange color with gold markings.
  • It is possible that the Crystal Version of Cobalt Saber is made a semi-translucent red color to reference Cobalt Saber Shining Form.